Anime, Fiction / In which Mitchii asks, if you also do outgrow your choices?

So do you? Actually my topic is broader; it caters to our fannish tastes (not just reading choices)! Like have you tried reading/watching an old series remembering it so fondly because of your emotional attachment, then only to find out that the sparks you and this series shared was long gone. It was nothing more than fleeting entertainment now—sometimes an embarrassing fangirl moment you want to deny (OK that was extreme; I’m not in that point yet!)

Well not really embarrassing but sometimes I go back to old series & realized I now don’t feel the same way like before. Or when I remember a specific series that I liked but when I tried the similar types I feel really meh about it. I know that my interest sometimes tend be very sporadic. One moment I fangirling over this, then next time I’ll be screaming my heart out over new fandom! I know the shift is kinda drastic but that’s how I rave, I guess.

I thought the combination of nostalgia and affection will still make this interest withstand the test of time. But not everything goes well. Like for example, I massively loved Card Captor Sakura! I remember cursing my homeroom advisor for keeping us after class (like dammit woman, I need to watch my anime!) LOLOL Ok not really, but I was so pissed that she held us off over “homeroom activities”—which were fun btw BUT anime! Haraharhar!!! Anyways, I loved it, even when I was in college and my parents, or more like my older sister trusted me enough to get my allowance on a monthly basis, I sneaked out and bought DVDs of it! And just like when I was teeny bopper 14 year old kid, the 18 me still loved it. So I was happy when it was announced that CCS will have a sequel! I was beaming with delight! But now that I’m reading it, I don’t feel the same way. Perhaps the story was redundant. Or I just grew up and feel like it doesn’t satiate me the same way. After all I’ve read/watch gazillion after it and found series that I absolute loved now! And those choices molded my new taste. So different from this one.

It’s probably why you don’t see me fangirling over remakes like Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball, even though I massively loved them when I was a kid. I think I want to remember them the way they were before. I feel like not trying them anymore and even just teasers put me off. Like “um, no? I’m fine.” So I guess I matured in small ways that it even affects my interest!

I know despite my age I behave childishly, still (embarrassingly so…OK, perhaps at home & online only) but after brooding about it I reckon “ah, I think I move on from this phase…” even though I’m person who treasure memories so much, there are things that will not fit me like before. I must say I’m still attached with my most of my interest but for some we underwent some clean break-up!

How about you? Do you outgrow your fannish choices? Are there things that you’re so interested in but when you return to it didn’t feel the same way! Tell me your stories, would love to know it!