Graphic Novels / there's to try it again so I try not to DNF if possible.

When it comes to books, I try to finish it as much as I can. I just don’t like not getting closure. I’ve invested time on it already so might as well. But I realized in manga this is a different scenario. A lot of manga I try doesn’t end in two to three volumes; they span more than that. It takes years to finish and I tend to read long running series so chances of me forgetting some of them is not an odd thing. It’s very much likely to happen. So DNF is not a far fetch decision.

It’s one chapter per week or month (or bi-month…or quarterly) keeping with releases dates.

So at least in books I get to savor a solid story in one sitting. That can happen in manga too granted that series I will read are concluded already, but I like sampling chapters or volumes and try to see if I like it. And if I fell in love from the get-go, then I will read it on the spot—this is what usually happens. It’s why I don’t run out of manga to read because I like trying out. And we have schedules, so in between waiting for the new chapters I want to read something else. Or discover new reads (and pile up to my long list of currently reading titles) but that’s how I roll I guess, streamlining the release schedule is pretty good idea. I have xls doc of that (and MAL though I sometimes forgot now…) But this only applies to favorites. But with time waiting and story interest fluctuating that factor to not finishing the series altogether.

Sometimes I got bored and I stopped reading momentarily until that momentarily become permanent.

In between reading new titles I stumble across favorites. When the current arc or story isn’t interesting enough for me, I have a habit of setting them aside in the meantime. I want to focus on something I like. But since I’m the optimistic kind of reader, I never say quits ‘til I think it is. So I labeled these series as “on-hold” ‘coz there were many times that I picked up series once more and enjoyed it. It’s why I am huge advocate of re-reading and re-reading in the right time. But then there are series that I really don’t have motivation to read anymore. This is what happened to Bleach. It used to be my top manga series but my bookish era happened and even with my attempt to read it when my manga/anime persona had finally awoken, I always ended up closing the manga and moved on. I only read the final chapter because of curiosity but evidently the interest was long gone—and with that I can say DNF meant permanent.

To sum up, there is the right time to pick up the series again so I try not to DNF as much as I can.

Maybe it’s manga (or webtoon) but I’m still the same reader. The same hopeful person. And incredibly moody reader. So I know myself that sometimes time’s not the right time. I believe in perfect timing. The same mindset I apply to series I want to start but can’t for some reason. I try to hold on to that tiny interest and keep it for when the time comes. And I’m so happy that I have this kind of not quitting attitude when it comes my read. If I always say no for the first time, I would have not enjoyed the series I’ve given second chances to; just thought about missing out my faves because I DNF it on the spot gives me strong FOMO. Glad I know myself too well that I know when DNF is final and when is not, but as much possible I like finish the story I started.