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Author: Roxanne St. Claire Expected publication: July 10th 2012 Publisher:...

Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Expected publication: July 10th 2012
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Categories: Contemporary, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from Random House via Netgalley. Thank you.

“Yes. My name is Annie Nutter, and about a week or week ago, I went to sleep in my house on Rolling Rock Road in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just as ordinary as I could be. Then I woke up living and breathing in Ayla Monroe’s world. In her body, actually.”

When I read the summary I immediately thought of Freaky Friday. But she didn’t switch body with her mother. And no fortune cookie involved. But she woke up in another girl’s body—Ayla Monroe’s body. And this girl is rich, popular and pretty (I think she (Annie) is pretty too). Her exact opposite, but would it be nice for once people look up to her, instead of being constantly ignored by the entire student body as if she didn’t exist.

But what she thought was a dream come true is not all that is cracked up to be (her exact words). Her supposed family is cold to her. Her so called groupies are not really she can consider ‘real’ friends. And her boyfriend is only after one thing: to deflower her. Thinking that glitz and glamour, the popularity is not what’s most important. And she learned it the hard way. Now, how will she convince people that she is not nuts and that she’s not the real Ayla Monroe?

Now here comes the science-fiction. I know, I’m shocked too. What I thought is a simple story has a more profound message and deeper construction. I didn’t thought of the integration of sci-fi, parallel universe aspect in this book. And that took me by surprise. And I love surprises. When everyone turn their back on her, she found a friend (and *coughs*eventually love*coughs*) in Charlie. He’s been there for her in this whole fiasco. And when Ryder push her away when she didn’t give herself to him. And he wasn’t surprised when he told her about her real situation. That she is Annie Nutter and not Ayla. It turned out that Charlie believed in this stuff: quantum physics, particle universe, atomic collision and multiuniverses. You know, the entire cast of Big Bang Theory. Kidding aside, he seemed to know what’s going on and maybe he could help her. He’s the answer to her prayer. But unexpectedly, Charlie has his own baggage too.

I thought I have the story all figured it out. But it’s quite different from what I expected it’d be. The how’s and the why’s are very different from the ones I come up with (the ones I anticipated). But I was really satisfied that it was not, giving me the awe-struck factor. I really liked how the author wrapped it up.

PS. This is probably my last from Random House, apparently they changed their ‘request criteria.’ They’re not releasing galleys outside US. I’m forever sadfacing with this news. Le sigh.

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