The lovely street of Spain. Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

Honestly, given our financial circumstances, I don’t think it’s very feasible for us to visit Europe. The process of getting schengen visa is just grueling. Not that I didn’t have any experience working with visa, I did that when we went to Australia and Japan (and maybe soon with South Korea? If God permits and the the pandemic is finally over and when we get to travel again without this extreme restrictions) but going to Europe demand so much work. Also it’s so faraway from the Pacific, so the airplane ticket is steep. So whenever I listed some of the countries that I want to visit, I made sure it’s realistically possible.

So what prompted this post, well, my sister dug about our family tree and while we already knew that our great-grandfather from my father side was Spanish, we also learned that there’s something called citizen by ancestry. And since we are former colony of Spain, we have the chance to not totally withdraw our citizenship and may opt for dual citizenship. It’s a perk surely but I still think it’s a super duper pipe dream.  According to our research it will take so many, many years to get approved and it might not even happen, though it’ll be nice to visit the land that’s part of my ancestry. But like I said earlier, Europe is hard to visit if you aren’t that rich.

Anyway, the real outcome of this is we learned a little bit of our late dad’s past. My dad’s past was very mysterious, we barely know about our relatives. I understand why he didn’t want to share because it was really a painful past and not easy revisiting. Still, it’s quite regretful that we didn’t get the chance to learn more about it personally from our dad.