Anime / Answering the infanous questions among international anime fans!

Is this really the most debated question in the anime community? not sure, but it’s been asked few times already and people have given their opinion about it. But I think I haven’t (not in TL;DR format anyways) so here we are, giving you my two cents over this whole which do you prefer question!

Now, if you ask me which I really, REALLY prefer?! Then I can honestly say that I prefer subbed version—not only it helps me get familiarize with Japanese words, I just feel like the voices are more appropriate to the character I imagined it be (since 90% of the anime I watch these days are adaptation) and I dunno about you, it feels authentic this way (obviously).  I remember when AXN was airing anime in the early 2000s they were dubbed first then out of the blue the channel decided to switch to subtitles much to my disappointment. It took few months of getting used to before I realized that I loved to hear them in their original audio.

Of course back in the days our options were pretty limited to what the local stations aired, and then cable channels—which were either dubbed in English or Tagalog. I didn’t mind before but now that I’m more nit-picky (well, yeah don’t have to hide it when it’s true) that I lean towards the subtitles. And in case you didn’t know yet I’m self-studying Japanese so this a great help apart from I’m enjoying it. So no wonder I choose subtitles all the time.

Question is, do I dislike dubbed version? No, of course not but the real question is what dubbed version do I prefer—English? Or my native language, Tagalog? I prefer my native language when it comes down to it. You see, I think it’s more natural for me if it’s in Tagalog than to hear them in English (although that may sound a bit biased). There are certain nuances and little cultural similarities that I think the translations or dialogues flow naturally in Tagalog compare to English. Phonology is about more or less similar. And I think our dubbed version always make it to the point that their voices are very similar to the original voices (The best and almost identical is Shinpachi from  Gintama in Tagalog, it’s very similar to Shinpachi in Japanese!)

Although not all the time Tagalog dubbed is of quality. I detested the Tagalog dubbed of Haikyuu!! because not only the dubbing was bad, translations were wee bit questionable (why oh why??). But there are even cases like the Tagalog dubbed of Arslan Senki is so good I appreciated it better that I was watching it Japanese. And since it’s my first language it’s easier to grasp and appreciate it better because I don’t have to look at the subtitles anymore (though I’ve been watching subbed for 2 decades already, go figure, my eyeballs are trained hard for this special acrobatics)  and concentrate more on the animation (among other things). So I make time to watch anime locally dubbed here. I ain’t snob of my language. In fact, it’s English that I’m on the fence.

So that’s my preference! I love them both but prefer it in Japanese, still!