black-birdAuthor: Anna Carey
Published: September 16th 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Mystery, Contemporary, Young Adult
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This twisty, breathless cat-and-mouse thrill ride, told in the second person, follows a girl with amnesia in present-day Los Angeles who is being pursued by mysterious and terrifying assailants.

A girl wakes up on the train tracks, a subway car barreling down on her. With only minutes to react, she hunches down and the train speeds over her. She doesn’t remember her name, where she is, or how she got there. She has a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist of a blackbird inside a box, letters and numbers printed just below: FNV02198. There is only one thing she knows for sure: people are trying to kill her.

On the run for her life, she tries to untangle who she is and what happened to the girl she used to be. Nothing and no one are what they appear to be. But the truth is more disturbing than she ever imagined.

The Maze Runner series meets Code Name Verity, Blackbird is relentless and action-packed, filled with surprising twists.


Well, writing a review feels so awkward after my two month hiatus; especially if it’s not a positive one. I’ve been out and about; I tried some books but none held my attention more than couple of pages so in a way this book was a miracle itself. I still think that I will not be as active as I was in reviewing (or reading for that matter, though I’ll try—the hardest that I can), but who cares about my whining, I’m here to do a review so I might as well get into it. Though I don’t think this review is something you can call decent.

So Blackbird by Anna Carey was this mystery book that I was hoping will get rid of my slump (or so I thought). It has interesting premise (got a good formula there), with the MC having no recollection and she was hunted by this unknown group. Needless to say the prelude did great job of pulling me in. They discovered a body of girl, shot to death with missing limb. That’s terrifying yet interesting way to open the story, the afterwards however wasn’t all that I though it’ll be.

I think my problem with this kind of story, with the MC having no memories and me as reader can only rely on what she will get as the story progress is how the information will deliver. Of course, I expected throughout the story that I’ll get to know the whys and the hows and the whos the same way as the protag, she didn’t know what was happening. But if the story was trying so hard to conceal it because it was supposed to be a ‘mystery’ then for me it’s not the way to go. A mystery shouldn’t be just not knowing, it’s also about building those things as the story developed. I also think the notes she had were more helpful to her (and to me) than the flashbacks so we’ll have hint on what’s really going on (because you’ll be questioning a lot). Who is this blackbird? What do they really want from this person? Why is she a target? Who are this people behind this hunt? I think those questions are the reason why I held ‘til the end despite my regressing interest.

It wasn’t all that bad, admittedly, there were parts that were quite good but because I couldn’t identify personally with the MC, as well as the writing style, it just didn’t ultimately work for me. The ending was again hatched another question. Actually, it felt like a romance story ending (with definite sequel on the works) because there was this guy who knew her, and it is safe to say it wasn’t just a casual one.

To read the sequel or not? Honestly, as in all honesty? Maybe not.


Format: Advance Reader’s Copy
Preview Quote:You lean in, cradling your head in your hands, not sure if you can bring yourself to do it. If you tell him what happened—today, yesterday, the day before—it makes it more real.”


7 Responses to Early Review: Blackbird

  1. After the disaster that was Rise by Anna Carey, I don’t know if I’m ever going to read her books again. She has a tendency to start off really good and then slowly decline until the book is not enjoyable. And I’m even more sure about not reading this book since you said you probably won’t read the sequel. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get it from the library. Great review! 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I didn’t enjoy it although i found the premise interesting, the story just didn’t support the concept/idea. Thanks Tori.


    The premise sounds absolutely wonderful for this one – I mean a mash-up of Code Name Verity and The Maze Runner? HECK YES! It’s sad to see that the execution wasn’t quite as good as the concept though. 🙁

    I can completely see where you’re coming from though. It’s always hard when you don’t connect to the protagonist or the writing style. 2nd person is quite difficult to pull of, and, from the other ARC reviews I’ve seen, it seems like most people felt the same as you did in that aspect.

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I am! But really not that back because I’m still struggling on getting back on reading. But this is a good first step.

      I didn’t even mentioned about the writing style, though it really bothered me.

  3. I totally agree with your argument, Mitchii. The mystery has to feel natural. If information is being stalled for the sake of dragging it out because woot mystery right?? then that sucks. I hate it when that happens. It feels frustrating, and I feel annoyed in the end. The suspense has to be well-placed and well-thought out, otherwise, meh.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Exactly. It felt to me like that it was trying so hard not to extract the info because it needed to maintain the mystery which actually did worst than good. Thanks Faye.

  4. I couldn’t finish this book. It was quite obvious after a couple of pages that the writing-style didn’t work for me..

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