Blogger / Changes isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it.

Despite my championing about changes, I have to admit that I’m still fearful of the changes coming especially when I have grown comfortable with what I have currently. Changes in and of itself isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it. When I was completely content with my blogging ways during my bookish era I was super hesitant to hop over to the new direction. But seeing the direction evolving, interest shifting, I think that changes were impending. It was just lurking there. So I reassessed my goals and follow the my own tide.

But of course, there was no guarantee it was a success. And while I didn’t regret the changes, I wouldn’t say I triumphantly made it. It was clunky, messy and directionless…I was again changing things up to my contentment and that was why I decided to take one month hiatus and really, really plan my comeback and I think I made just about right in this case.  By this time, changes in my blog with thoughtful consideration is something I welcome with arms wide open.

But because it’s my  blog’s eighth anniversary I want to do some #throwback and share you the eight changes I made for my blog for the past eight years. So far, in my one year of blogging as faiery (the fourth in incarnation of my blog) the routine is smooth. There’s nothing major I want to change. Yes, not even this design which the blog’s predecessor was more known to change clothes like a mad fashionista. But I digress, here they are:

1. Domain/Blog Renames – who would’ve forgotten Aeropapers? That was and somehow still is what people associate me with. But that was ages and ages ago. I loved my short gig as book reviewer and book blogger but let’s not kid around I wasn’t a book blogger anymore even before the time I changed. And when I want revamp names are included. I go all out! From Skye Station > Aeropapers > Rainyink > Faiery! I gotta hand it to myself rename was my game back then. PS. I love my name now and I foresee name changes in the far, far future.

2. Blog Redesigns – Like renaming, I donned designs like a runway model.  I changed my design in every given opportunity I had to redesign, more particularly during the rainyink phase when I was absolutely boggled how to efficiently transitioned to talking about books to not talking about books. It was seriously messed up! So I think it was my way of finding my identity. But in retrospect, it confused me more than ever. Today, as you can see my design has lasted for more than a year and I think it says so much about my satisfaction over the new course I’m heading with my blog. I think I’ve mature if I say so myself.

Just one goal. And it’s for me!

3. Blogging Goalsall I want was an avenue to express myself and the same can be said now. But along the way I also considered other goals—growth, more than enough to receive ARCS, connection or network—those things. I felt ashamed and restricted and overwhelmed.  So I went back to my roots after this new change I made. And I’m never been happier and content with my blog. This is the reason why I blog: to myself, to what I love, to what I’m passionate about. I don’t need the excess baggage anymore.

4. Interest/Topic Focus – it was hard when you know in this side of community as one but when you hopped and your readership didn’t really welcome it as you hoped for…you got yourself thinking. But because of goal & motivation changes, I’ve realized I need to conform to what I like/love more so than what I was known for. And after that, it was super easy to integrate new topics.  Manga! Anime! Webtoons! Travel! And lots, lots more. I can share anything I’m comfortable to share with everyone without compromising my enjoyment along the way.

5. Color Scheme – It wasn’t always pink, mind you. Skye Station was blue. Aeropapers at the beginning was purple. Rainyink even started as mint and yellow! But my web aesthetic always craves my favorite color palette—all the shades of pink! So when I redesign Faiery I know it’s gonna be pink!  It’s gonna be my fave color! It’s gonna be me in web design! And it was me all over! I love it—that’s why I’m sticking to it for a long haul!

Scheduling can be therapeutic!

6. Scheduling – Moody blogger to organized excessive scheduler, what has happened you say? I grown to love organizing. Even at work I use tracker and schedule lots of things and it is just so efficient (especially for a forgetful person *points to self*. If I always wait when I’m ready nothing’s gonna happen, yes? At least this was I realized lately. So schedule makes me kinda diligent but more like streamlining what I’m supposed to do attitude.

7. The ins and outs of Features/Meme – I did them, features and all those tagging memes. Some I made, some I came across the net. Some I did because everyone did it at some point. But I realized that ones I stick are the ones I actually enjoyed writing (e.g. Best of the Best started in 2012). Like redesign Features/Meme came in and gone fast.

8. Adding some personal flares – By personal I mean vague little details about my life I’m still very careful of what I write on the webs where everyone can read. The unknown digital gazes still petrified an extreme introverted such as myself. But I want to open up a little, I find sharing some small maybe insignificant details of my life freeing, too.