Author: Tara Hudson
Series: (Hereafter #3)
Published: June 4th 2013
Publisher:  HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
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Synopsis: Tara Hudson brings the dark, romantic Hereafter trilogy to a thrilling conclusion with her YA novel Elegy.

The passionate love between ghost girl Amelia and human boy Joshua was powerful enough to break the barrier between life and death. Now the star-crossed lovers believe they can finally be together.

But demonic forces threaten to tear them apart. The evil beings tell Amelia she must turn herself over to darkness or they will kill a human every week.

Forces of light offer Amelia a solution. She can join them in gathering souls. If she does, however, she will never see Joshua again.

Amelia refuses to be separated from Joshua. She will fight the forces of darkness and light if that’s what it takes to keep him.

Review: I have to go back from the very beginning just to figure out how to close it. I always use the term ‘bittersweet’ when it comes to finales of the books I read. And if there’s one word that is appropriate to describe my feeling right now for Elegy by Tara Hudson even though I might sound redundant, then I’ll take it. I’m going to use the word ‘bittersweet’ again because that’s how sincerely feel with this book. It was really a nice reading experience for me. It’s in the highest, plot-wise, but how it slid down toward the end that made it more effective to me.

Usually I summarized the book but not in this case. I’m just going to ramble endlessly and pour my guts out this time. This is not something I would still considered a successful finale because it had some momentarily lapses. But I ended up overlooking them as I progressed because some things that happened here sort of compensate for those gaps. The pace wasn’t fluid for me as well, some moments are mind-numbing and I didn’t care about what’s happening. But then were times, I was so surprised that I lamented the decision that the characters (not only Amelia and Joshua) had come up with.

Sacrifices are made in the book. Lives were at stake just to get what they wanted from the very beginning—peace. Sometimes I felt those sacrifices were unnecessary and elicited some negative thoughts off of me. I didn’t like it, I’m apathetic to it, and I was more on the methodical side that I saw it as a ruse to draw something forcefully out of me as opposed to genuinely feeling it. But then again, there were still those times that delivered those emotional punches and hit  me precisely on the gut. And I loved those times.

I said that I was hoping that they wouldn’t end up together. I’m not gonna detail the things that happened to them. I think, at least Joshua and Amelia’s relationship withstand it and I applauded them. Even that said, I still wanted something really realistic approach to it. I mean, I’ve been questioning the longevity of their relationship from the very start. I don’t want something very predictable and I don’t want something contrived either. So I guess, I did like the decision she made and I did like his attitude towards it. Some may think otherwise but it was still nice ending to me. In retrospect, the story was building the story towards to this kind of ending. I sincerely think that things happened here as it’d supposed to be.

Preview Quote: I craved peace so badly, I could almost taste it. Every part of my body ached for some rest from these nightmarish attacks. Still, I thought I knew myself too well to believe a moment’s peace was possible—I thought I would stay awake for hours, crying perhaps, or just turning in restless circles on top of the covers. ” — Amelia