Author: Angela Corbett
Series: (Emblem of Eternity #1)
Published: December 6th 2011 by Pendrell Publishing

Love triangles and I are best friends.

But not this particular love triangle. And I don’t think we’re going to be friends.

You know why I loved the love triangle in Unearthly, because both guys are created equally but differently. You can see why Clara was torn between them. But more than that, both guys—Tucker and Christian have personalities. Tucker must have liked Clara even before they became official but you don’t see Tucker forcing himself to her. Clara fell in love with him from their moments together.  Genuine connection, not only because he’s hot. But because Tucker showed her who he is. While Christian, yes destiny is there. It plays a huge part but Christian opted to show his true self; the waiting on the wing, supportive and caring guy. Who wouldn’t be confused with that? And I don’t even put their physical traits on the equation. That will make us more confused.

And more importantly, I know why they liked Clara. And not because she’s the main character and by default the guys pitting to have her. If there’s one thing to say—she’s worth it.

Sorry it took me long enough and sorry too for the comparison

But my point is, they need to make sure that there’s a real reason why they liked the girl. Not because they said ‘I love you’ it automatically validates the interest. Not in my watch. And I wish I can also see why the girl is confused. Why the guys deserves her affection.

Now Eternal Starling, I didn’t like the love triangle. I know there’s more to it than the love story, but it plays a big role. Who is Evie’s soul mate? Alex? Emil? The problem was they were created too close for comfort. Their personality is somehow similar. The testosterone match between Alex and Emil was annoying. And you think two guys fighting over a girl is swoon worthy? Think again. I don’t see any particularly interesting with her except she owns a mustang.

I also didn’t like that the reincarnation/soul mate factor was used to justify the instant attraction. I was completely irritated that after meeting Alex she went out with him on a hiking. He’s practically a stranger. More so on Emil’s case. She kissed him! Kissed him in public! If I found Alex in the ‘stranger’ category already what more is Emil. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Even with the Amaranthine and Daevos were included in the picture I still find it tad uninteresting.  This is also another case of ‘I’ll-tell-you-soon’ and info-dumping. And I’m not a fan of those. I think my favorite reincarnation theme book is still The Eternal Ones.

This is just my opinion, besides reading is subjective. I don’t hate the book but it was definitely a letdown. Too unsure if I’ll read the sequel.