Title: Eve
Author: Anna Carey
Series: (Eve #1)
Published: October 4th 2011 by HarperTeen

I can’t pinpoint exactly which ones that did work for me. Yet, I can firmly say that I liked it. Eve wasn’t specifically bad as I thought it would be. I did enjoy it. However, I felt like the story decided to throw all other dystopian themes that had been tackled in other books. Example? The presence of a repressive and controlled government born out of natural catastrophe, or the heroine’s need to survive, or society’s massive fear of losing its population. There’s Wither, Matched, Divergent and Bumped (which I completely detest) and don’t forget the Hunger Games for that. Eve falls a little bit with the world building compare to the others but nevertheless it was an ok read.

There are a lot of things going on with this book that didn’t sync in together. The dictatorship—how the form of government came to be; slavery; treating women as a breeding machine, etcetera. Then there was also Eve’s story, which I found a bit perplexing. I don’t even know why the king wants her. Just because she’s smart? Hmmm… now that’s odd. 😉

Eve was a bit weak for me to put it bluntly. I have real problem with characters that are honed as ‘book smart,’ but completely clueless with exasperated actions—that is Eve for me. I mean, I know boys and girls are segregated here (which, come to think of it I don’t know why) but you wouldn’t say when you met a boy, and who saved you and the very first thing you asked him—no, accused him that he wanted to have intercourse with you? That’s a bit awkward and foolish. Many of her actions sounds so dumb, and endlessly annoying… but there were times where I think I liked her. The part where she taught the little boys to read was nice, but often times, yeah, she annoyed me. On the other hand, unlike Katniss and Tris, she’s a bit hopeless; she doesn’t possess not even an inch of courage the two female characters I’ve mentioned. She lacks skill for self preservation. But I see it as a positive thing; I take it as a refreshing twist. I’m curious how this weak person will face the predicaments thrown at her. I’d loved to see her character mature.

The plague thing was bit frail in details. If it was deadly and almost wiped out the entire population how come it’s gone now? Or is still not gone? How did it cure it? Well, I don’t know. Maybe the next book will answer that.

I don’t understand when books decided to bank on the idea of decreasing population. I think, realistically saying is that, it’s impossible. Hello? Have you read the news, that’s the least of human race worries. But I tried to set aside realism here because this purely fiction—hence anything goes (that’s just me). But I really preferred if they decided to work on issues such as this, they need to back it up with major backdrop. But setting that aside it was actually entertaining. Eve by Anna Carey—though far from excellent is still a good addition to the list of good dystopian books. I’d say just try it.