Title: Everblue
Author: Brenda Pandos
Series: (Mer Tales #1)
Published: July 30th 2011 by Obsidian Mountain Publishing

Holy kraken!! This book took me by surprise! I should have picked this book instead of Ripple because it just so darn good. I stayed up so late (like early morning late) just to finish this. It’s one of those you just couldn’t put it down because you want more of it! And I said before, I ain’t (as in neveeeer) a mermaid/siren fan so for me to say it means a lot (to anyone who values my opinion that is).

One of the few surprises of this book is—one, the guy was the mermaid, I mean, the merman. I really thought it was Ash, the lead girl. I loved the lush Natatoria scenes. I love the mermaid lore incorporated in this book. It sometimes reminds me of ‘Little Mermaid’ (no negative implication whatsoever) because it was so vibrant and imaginative. I love the idea of kissing someone in merfolks and that will tie them forever (like soulmates). And most of all, I absolutely liked Fin. So here’s another surprise, I absolutely adored it was delivered in alternating POV—one was Ash, and the other was Fin. I sometimes like to know the story in someone else’s perspective, and preferred to know more about a character (particularly the one I liked) by knowing what this person’s thinking. I’m glad to say he’s a very substantial character. I liked everything about him. Actually, I liked his side of story more than Ash’s. So I’m truly happy that I got to know more about him—through him.

The romance was just average though that said, I didn’t mean it wasn’t interesting nor unbelievable. A bit over the top, especially the part where once they were ‘bonded’ (officially, all secrets out) they couldn’t get enough of each other. Actually, my problem was Ash, she was a bit inconsistent with her feelings. In the beginning it was obvious she had a crush on Fin. But once he was momentarily out of the picture she immediately jumped to the opportunity to be this other (definitely not Fin) guy’s girlfriend. She also has infatuation with Finn’s cousin Collin (but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt in this case, probably some mermen pheromone) then all of sudden (plus the merfolk’s kiss) she was like Bella (of Twilight) unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him? I’m not convinced on her, sorry, because for something she said was years worth of feelings, it sound rushed and uncertain. Besides, Finn has only one girl in mind (her, how cool is that?), he was prepped for another mermaid mind you, but he only have his eyes on Ash. Now that’s real! So I’d loved to see her character grow a pair. She must!

When the story was concluding I thought it’ll end in much a happier note (because it was sort of gravitating towards a HEA). But since this is a series, I had a slight doubt. Then my doubt came true, ugh, poor Finn. So let say the ending made readers left craving for more. And I’m definitely one of them!