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Author: Brodi Ashton Series: (Everneath #1) Published: January 24th 2012...

Author: Brodi Ashton
Series: (Everneath #1)
Published: January 24th 2012 by Harper Collins / Balzer + Bray

There’s a reason why I prefer The Goddess Test over Abandon. And apparently same reason applies in Everneath. I was really disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hope for. But it wasn’t exactly a bad read. It is just…the entertaining factor wasn’t there.

I’m grasping for words right now…what did I like? What didn’t work for me? Even with these questions I’m still scraping something out of my head. I’m somewhat…half empty. But I’ll try to express my thoughts about this book, because if I didn’t write now, I probably will never.

I went in with high hopes that this one is the one that will help me get back to my reading momentum. I’m been slacking for months and I barely made my reading challenge (but hooray I still did it). I digress, I was expecting a bit too much I guess, so I was tad displeased that once again I fell for the gorgeous cover and the hype surrounds it. In all honesty, I didn’t see the unconventional adaptation of the popular mythology as people suggested, besides the terminology and few instances that reminded that there’s a lore incorporated in this book. I would have passed this one as an average YA-romance book. Hey, it wasn’t really a bad thing. But I was hoping more of that (the mythology) but as you can see, I didn’t get that much.

The characters here lack personalities. They’re completely dry and very weak. Jack is one of those typical popular boys (I mean being the quarterback is a dead giveaway) and Nikki on the other hand was most of the time dreary. I don’t know if this due to the numbness she was experiencing but oh boy, this girl really needs some intervention— there’s more to life than your boyfriend! I’m glad that her family was also mentioned because other than that her life is pretty much Jack centered. She’s one of those characters whose life revolves around a boy. And if I remember correctly, Jack was one of the reasons why she wanted to go back (from Everneath). And I think this thing will continue in the next book because of how it ended. Oh, and Cole? Well…I usually like enigmatic, sort of bad boy but this one, like everyone else is utterly dull. I initially thought he was like Warner (from Shatter Me) was peg as the evil guy and yet you can actually empathize with his character. Cole is not that, far from it actually, in fact I couldn’t care less about him. Nope, scratch that I meant every one of them. Nobody shines, so it was a dark road for me.

Not that I finally getting something out of my head, my big problem with this book was the characters. If you’re asking about the romance I wasn’t a fan of it too (because I wasn’t a fan of the characters). Overall the numbness I felt for the characters ruined the entire book for me. I’m giving it a 3 starts because I kinda liked the idea of Everneath. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

And in the spirit of being honest, I’m not sure if I’m up to the task of reading the sequel. The ending was ok, I’m just wasn’t interested enough to read it. Hmmm, let’s just wait and see.

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