Life Lately

Will I stop using Taylor Swift’s 22 lyrics as title? Never! 😎

*coughs* Because I promised to make my posts short & sweet from now on, I’ll try my best to keep it concise. Honestly, I’m thinking if I should still do this because the past few yearsβ€”most especially these two years in pandemic, I failed doing them. Then apart from the revamp/redirection of the blog, there was no relevant progress for 2021 list that’s why I didn’t do the mid-year check-up.

But I thought why not? It’s nice to think about the things I wanna do for 2022! It keeps the positivity alive because I wanna do something I think is worthwhile! Something for myself! The pandemic changes our lives forever, and it’s good to have little something bright to look forward to; something I want to improve upon myself.

  1. Do one bible verse a day! Try to put few minutes of the day to write it down on my note as a reminder.\
  2. Give up on journaling (rigid planning???) I’ve been trying since ’16; I’m good at start but soon enough will lose momentum. Time to once & for all give it up.
  3. Don’t overpromise! I tend to put a lot of things in my to-do list. I have to take one step at a time. Learn how to re-calibrate.
  4. Stop overthinking! Like I said in this piece, I tend to catastrophize & it’s bad. I also want to finally seek professional help regarding my mental health.
  5. Reorganize & throw my old stuff. I accumulated a lot of things for the past several years, time to Marie Kondo and clean up my stuff.
  6. Improve my illustration/art/graphics + web dev skills!
  7. Spend less and save more! Also, time to align my spending to what really matters. (no more stationaries)
  8. Try new things! Something I haven’t done! I dunno what it is yet but I wanna be brave (new piercing? color my hairβ€”well, I did red/auburn color before though)
  9. Don’t be scared to do adulting! These responsibilities scare & overwhelm me but it’s part of being an adult (yes, even at mid-30s adulting is still scary af)
  10. Be (more) socially aware! With the pandemic, I’ve become more attentive to what’s happening around. I hope in 2022 we choose the right leader, one’s that not morally questionable, no history of corruption, and have amazing track record!

Yep, very ambiguous & very general but I want to put an effort to something that isn’t specific but instead improving my attitude as a whole. Please be kind to us 2022, this I pray. πŸ™