Hey guys! If you’re one massive bookworm and you know that owning bookshelves (yes, plural, I used the word ‘massive’ and that indicates something grandeur) is a must. There are people who are organized and there’s anal retentive like me who organized it in so many aspects (which sometimes doesn’t make sense. Right sis?). Every time I tell my sister that I’ll organize the shelves, she will groan and adamantly tell me not to (there was one time I removed everything and didn’t know how to arrange anymore so she ended arranging it herself. But I did re-organize behind her back when one time she went to the grocery. I was laughing evilly at the background.).

I only do minor tweaking now. Like, if I think this book looks out of place I move it to a group which I think it belongs to (much to my sister dismay). So how do I shelve the books? So many freaking ways! *evil laughs*

How do you arrange your bookshelves?

From left to right: (1) by height and thickness (2) by color scheme (3) by series (4) by edition

1. by height and thickness

You already had read it here. It makes me super happy if by some miracle they are the same width and height. I really like seeing them on the shelves because they look so neat! Makes my eyes twinkling with joy because of the symmetry!!! *twirls*

2. by color scheme

My books are scattered rainbow colors that makes me pout. One time we decided to arrange them by colors while it looks neat (ROYGBIV~!), I didn’t like it at all.

3. by series

This is the most sensible arrangement to me. I mean, why separate a book of the same series? I just don’t get it so by default they should be standing next to each other.

For mangas: They are so easy, not only do they have perfect, uniformed spines. They are even in both thicknesses and heights (except the omnibus but put them together they actually do).

4. sometimes by edition:

UK Edition books have a space of their own. And since we are in the topic of this edition, why are they always smaller than US? *cringes whenever I see my copy of Captivate but I didn’t want to buy another copy again*

How about you, how do you arrange your books? Are you like me confusing freak but hiding behind the label organized-but-not-really? Share it with me (and maybe I’ll apply it myself).

* PS: I just couldn’t resist using Gintama’s awesome title. Only this manga can get away with it!