Ah, it feels like the three months just flew by and here I am jotting down my last impression of the anime I’ve watched this fall!  It was fairly good line-up despite how messed up the schedule for me (everything was stuck in the weekends!) Of course, I dropped one show (sorry Bloodivores, I just totally forgot and the lack of motivation didn’t help at all). I also didn’t try the two of the series I thought I’ll try!

1. 3-gatsu no Lion – Love!  But sometimes it feels like Shaft is putting too much “artistry” with the framing and animation that it takes a way the true emotional weight of the show (sorry, my one and only gripe!) I hope they tried how JC Staff did with HachiKuro (not copy it completely but you know just the right amount of creative execution—or whatever it is called) but in general I loved the anime. I can’t wait to watch latter half of the series! The Souya moment must happen, OK?! And YUKI will be singing the OP so YAASSS!!!

2. Ajin 2nd Season – I’m not sure if I remember things correctly but there was a big alteration with the show’s sequence and some adjustment with how the forge arc went (like huge changes!!!). I need to reread this part because I’m honestly confused because I don’t remember those happening (I read it monthly & haven’t reread yet). That said I was pretty OK with adaptation but I honestly, manga was better  executing the scenes with its usual ‘no hold bars’ when it comes to violence and stuff, ahaha!  Fried chicken takeout anyone? *wiggle eyebrows*

3. Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season – they cut off some parts? Right? Because my gut telling there were missing parts that weren’t adapted in the anime! I totally blame those four eps of Dazai! But I still loved this show! To see Akutagawa & Atsushi cease fire & work together to fight Fitzgerald will be totally amazing!!!

4. Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou – 10 beautiful episodes (this week is the last EP! Someone hold me!!!) Thank you IG & TOHO Animation!!! I loved how the transition of the manga scenes to the anime! So impactful. As I said, this was the only sports anime I watched (is 3-gatsu no Lion counted though?) and I’m truly, truly satisfied! I know, I’m very convinced that there’s gonna be fourth season! It might take a while this time but I’ll be here patiently waiting!

5. Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – it’s so cute, so funny! And whileiIt didn’t have that “it tugs your heartstring” the way Amaama to Inazuma did but it was surely heartfelt series. I’m even half-tempted to read the manga because of the cuteness and overall enjoyability of the series! So fun~

6. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – And while it didn’t follow the manga’s chapter order, the adaptation was pretty much on-point! I laughed, and laughed, and I laughed some more! As massive fan of the manga series I’m very pleased with it! I hope some shoujo manga get adaptation especially those wacky kinds like this one! So for this one, it has my 100% approval and lovely two thumbs up!!!

Sneak Peek of my 2017 Winter Line-Up!

I have 3-Gatsu no Lion by default as part of my Winter 2017 watch-list! As for the rest, I’m determined with all the series I’ve decided will watch for the upcoming season. I’m hopeful that I’m not dropping anything because 99% of these shows I’ve read/reading/sampled the manga!

1. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – I read the first two chapters of the manga and I liked the sleek/cool/noir feelings I got with the ambiance of the story! And the trailer looks so amazing! It’s not the hard-core type of seinen series; it’s more dogmatic but not really (I can’t really explain ^^). It’s one of the upcoming new series that I’m really looking forward to watching!

2. Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen – how many years? How many years?! I’m not updated with the manga but I’m pretty sure once I start watching I’ll be doing some catch-up! There’s so much hype I’ve been hearing regarding the Kyoto arc so I’m optimistic! A-1 don’t screw this one!

3. Fuuka – tried few chapters it was slightly interesting…just teeny slightly! But I love me some music related manga. Maybe it ain’t the Beck kind, or even Fukumenkai Noise type but perhaps with animation & music to back it up it’ll be more interesting? Yeah?

4. Gintama (2017) – I was so surprised when they announced that there’s new anime season! With the series right now going very, very serious I do think that the feels will hit me freaking hard this time around. Sorachi-sensei ain’t joking around…well he still is who am I kidding! LOL

5. Kuzu no Honkai – I read at least 10 chapters then forgot about it (which means I didn’t track my progress *sighs*) but anyways if I remember correctly it’s about two teens who are I think are ‘sefure.’ Perfect couple on the surface but the truth is they are in love with different people. And those people they like are in love with each other. Pfffft!!! I might’ve abused the word ‘love’ there but you get the gist!

6. Masamune-kun no Revenge – tried it too then forgot, about a boy got bullied when he was a kid. But he changed and preparing a revenge to the girl who put her childhood in misery! IIRC I think it’s peppered with ecchi scenes and some laughs!

7. ēlDLIVE – some people know how big a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fangirl I was years, years ago! From the same mangaka, I hope this one is good. This is the only series that I haven’t read but I know this series because of the author. Amano Akira-sensei is the goddess behind KHR so I’m pretty confident with this one!

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