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Author:  Abbi Glines Series: (Fallen Too Far #1) Published: December...

Author:  Abbi Glines
Series: (Fallen Too Far #1)
Published: December 14th 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I’ve read a couple of Abbi Glines books but I was never keen to continue her books especially if I found out that the sequel will focus on other characters. Sometimes I’ve grown too attached with characters that if the story doesn’t center on these fellas anymore, my motivation will surely die down. That is why I have never pick up the sequels of Breathe and The Vincent Boys. Even though I liked those books.

So I’m really glad that Fallen Too Far will continue with the same set of characters, Rush and Blair as the main focus of the story. This book is as sexy as it can get. Far too sexy that I was a little caught off guard especially Blair was a virgin at first. It’s just like Rush just open the gates of her hormones that it looked like they couldn’t get their hands off each other. But I completely understand since it’s new and they’re in honeymoon period of their relationship.

Now for the real story, Blair went to her father for some place to stay until she has enough money to make it on her own. But what greeted her is her supposed to be step brother. She asked if she could stay but she was rejected. Then for some reasons he sought her and allowed her to stay for one month until she earned the money she needs. Of course there’s this palpable attraction between them. But he had warned her not to get to close to him because it’ll cost a problem. And it will complicate things more. But those are just harmless threats because he did give in to their attraction. He was her first and I said earlier the sexy moments are too sexy from her other previous books. Not that it was explicitly graphic, it was bit tamer than real adult books have. Anyways, back to the topic it wasn’t just that Rush’s social status is the only thing that hindering their relationship. It also because she has connection to Rush’s younger sister Nan—who didn’t hide her anger towards her. Plus the revelation about her mother, and her estranged father and his new family. Drama filled book, right?

Although it was predictable, starting with the guy asking her first to stay away from him but couldn’t keep his words because he’s too darn attracted to her that any guy who comes close to her gets the dirty pissed look. So much for marking the territory, yes? Sometimes, if not embarrassing to admit it I find it appropriate so I know he shows interest and concern. Though that’s really an odd way to show it. But what annoyed me is that every freaking time the guy warned the girl they’re always the one who broke their words. I just hope they have the sterner willpower than a lousy warning they tell the girls. For the girls, when they guy rejected them they wallow on their self-pity and put up some fragile determination to move on with their lives but just a whisper on their ear will make their knees weak and caved in. Where’s the willpower guys?

I know this method is a tactic that will make the start of the relationship of the characters a little (yes, just a little) challenging, though we all know that was limited and the two will eventually cave in. And I’m right.

Now if you’re going to ask, did I not like it? On the contrary, I liked it. And I know when I ventured to new adult that it’s going to be full of angsty, drama-filled romances.  And I liked those, at least if it is properly written and the characters, particularly the guy isn’t just characters made out of by filling the checklist of the bad boy trope. At least Rush isn’t like that. Blair was an ok character, too. So overall I liked the story.

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