Author:  Dan Krokos
Series: (False Memory #1)
Published: August 14th 2012
Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion
Categories: Fantasy, Science-Fiction

This book is describes as “debut is a tour-de-force of non-stop action that will leave readers begging for the next book in this bold and powerful new series.” And I especially agree with the “non-stop” action part. The plot is properly staged from the very beginning. You know it’s going to be interesting when the protagonist woke up alone in the park with memories completely wiped out. And the ball starts rolling!

I somewhat enjoyed this book. There’s undeniably unique flavor to it, crafted sci-fi bits that will really satisfy those adrenaline rush junkies. I’m kinda sad that didn’t win me over. Like I see it, I appreciate but I couldn’t enjoy it completely. Must be the book slump I’m experiencing. Gosh, when will this thing get over? I’m seriously frustrated.

Anyhoo, you’ll be easily absorbed by the world of False Memory. Aside from the interesting ideas included in the novel, the writing is something I really, really appreciate. Easy and simple. I liked books that claims that they’re sci-fi but don’t put a lot of jargon—excessive use of scientific, technological terms just to establish that “sci-fi” atmosphere. That’s not how to do it (well, if I’m a writer I wouldn’t do such thing, it’s novel not a dictionary). I know it’s inevitable, it’s part of being in that genre but I want balance. The story should be still the one reigning not those fancy words. And thankfully this book is like that. I also liked the pacing of the story as much as liked the fascinating concepts. And I got the right amount of action too.

What I’m not the biggest fan of was the romance. Maybe this was added for its female readers. I’m a female but I’m not digging it as much I hoped for.  It also hurt that I don’t like either of the guys that were pinning Miranda. There’s Noah the boyfriend (or ex) and there’s Peter the leader who she’s grown fascinated with. For me, it was really sloppy and felt contrived. But the romance was minimal and I’m glad and very appreciative that it focuses on its strength instead.

Honestly, Miranda and I didn’t get along from the beginning that is why I’ve been putting this book on hold. She came to me a bit bland, annoying at some part, and inconsistent. Other times she’s this naïve, helpless girl like I-lost-my-memories-so-I-don’t-know to being super intelligent and highly trained agent. But I don’t hate her. While we still didn’t get along till the end she’s still remarkable when she tried.  And well, the ending did redeem my initial impression.

I really thought I’m going to shelve this one on my DNF but when I forgot to bring the book I was supposed to read and saw that I’m halfway through the book, I gave it another (and final) try. Glad I did and took it as a chance in disguise. Admittedly I continued it out of boredom and lack of option but as I progressed I saw it differently and liked the twist and turns at the end. But it still didn’t cement my decision whether to read the sequel or not.