I’ve written this nifty guide/FAQ-esque to give you the basics or quick answers to your inquiries. If there are still things that didn’t cover by this post, please contact me.

So what is this blog for? And why faiery? And you’ve misspelled it!

Well, this is a personal blog, or my humble little space in the vast world of the interwebs so to speak. I blog about my interest and thoughts that want to escape from its containment. I mostly talk about what I read, or me as a reader and a blogger (rare times me as web designer). I ramble about manga, webtoons and anime with reckless abandon. Sometimes about me…like some personal thoughts, travel and the likes. But mostly just an outlet for my interest! <3

Because it sound…mystical? And yes, I have purposely misspelled because I liked it and will be very different! I know my grammar sucks but I’m pretty sure I know how to spell ‘fairy’ the right way but chose not to…because aesthetics!

Did you just rename (again)!!??

Yeppers, because I want to and I don’t like the name anymore so I just have to do. I let you know I’m quite fickle-minded.

My blog names: Skye Station (July 2010), morphed into book blog I called Aeropapers (October 2010) then when I became an anime + manga fan again I renamed into Rainyink (July 2015) and now because I want something fresh + adding some personal tidbits here and there, it’s now called Faiery (July, 2017). Yeah…I love renaming!


What kind of a blogger are you?

Even before I really, really dislike labeling myself. Maybe I was a book blogger before, and somehow search engine points me now  as “manga” blogger…which there’s an actual hint of truth to that BUT!!! I’m just a simple blogger! A blogger who seeks comfort on writing her thoughts about what she loves! My topics are pretty random. About reading, about manga/anime, about blogging, about travels…about me? Yep, yep just a blogger with too much to say thus the blog!

I can’t comment! Why?

You see I’ve decided to permanently close comments in all of the posts/pages because well, the engagement stats is pretty meh…or nada to be put it bluntly ever since I moved and revamped so I find it quite unnecessary. If you want something from me, email me! If you want to be friend me head over to twitter. I’m semi-active there (though it’s private but if I know you somewhere or if you’re practically a stranger but we have common interest (manga, anime, webtoons for example) then don’t be shy to add me. ^^

Do you still review books? Talk about bookish stuff?

I no longer review books so I appreciate if you cease emailing me about it. It’s pretty obvious of what has become of my blog, or the new direction of it.

I do discuss about me being passionate reader and topics centers around it. Although the medium has changed (my interest in books has declined greatly) I still read. Everyday! I’m concentrating on reading Japanese graphic novels (manga) and  South Korean web comics / webtoons.

Can I share your post?

As in links, sure, but snippets of the post itself requires a permission from me. I’m really not comfortable sharing my posts because (1) my writing is totally unprofessional, it’s quite embarrassing (2) it’s my opinion, therefore I would like my post/s to stay where I originally posted it which is my blog.

Can I guest post (or something similar)?

This is a very PERSONAL blog. As much as possible I wanted it to be a private reflection of my thoughts on the things I love. If ever I open my blog to other people, I’ll make an announcement. For now, and for selfish reasons, this will remain my own oasis.

In connection: Can I guest post on your blog? Um, sure? If you like me to, I’m happy to visit, although it also depends on my availability.

Are you affiliated with this and that?

Nope. In the interest of full disclosure: ALL MY REC POSTS (or reviews for that matter) ARE WRITTEN AND POSTED BY MY OWN VOLITION. Even if publishers gave me review copies, it & will never affect my judgment. If I think the story is good and want people to also enjoy it I will write a rec post. I’m just blogger who enjoys reading.

What about the images?

So what about it? Nah, I get you, you meant the usage, right? Some of the photos were taken by yours truly (and can’t be used outside of this blog) and while the others were photos I grabbed from royalty-free image stock sites like unsplash or pixabay. For screencaps I put disclaimer/watermark on the image itself. These are used under fair use & absolutely no infringement is intended.  And please don’t hotlink the images, like please DON’T!

Where do you get your theme?

I’ve been asked this a lot, so I might as well answer it here: I made it. Also check my resource page for site credits here. I don’t entertain inquiries via my personal blog; please refer to my other blog instead for more info (and please use my email I provided there & not the email I’m using here, OK?)

Do you accept any form of advertising in this blog?

A solid no. I also don’t reply to inquiries about this so do yourself a favor and refrain from emailing me. ;D

Wait! I still have more questions!

For your specific blog related inquiries, I’m just an email away, send those questions via my email.