Fiction / my favorite tropes are like flame to my moth! I burn alive in love!

Some people like “childhood friends turn lovers”, while other like more edgy stuff like “enemies to lover”. When it comes to our favorite romance stories we have our de-facto, tried and tested, romantic tropes. ❤ And I am one of those people who can be easily swayed to read a story when these favorite tropes are present! 😘

I already shared my favorite romantic tropes here, but what makes me fall in love with the same formula is what I want to expand in this post. The thing is I’m not the hardest to please. 😅 In fact, I’m pretty easy! I’ve been very vocal of my reason why I love reading—to a greater extent fiction. Submerging the few hours of my day catching up & reading new stories just cap my day pretty nicely. 😋 With all the stuff going around you just wanna have some time alone and focus on something other than your life. Escapism is favorite therapy. No, kidding aside it’s just makes life a little less complicated in the otherwise complicated world. It’s why I lean towards simple, feel good stories. 🙆🏻‍♀️ And these feel good stories with my fave romantic tropes? Yes, insert chef kiss gif here*

There something to be said about predictability! In some ways, I find comfort in knowing bits and pieces as opposed to being completely unknowledgable. The comfort of knowing makes me hold on these favorite romantic tropes. And because of past good experiences, I just can’t help but to try it again. The good feeling afterwards makes me crave for more! Tropes are there like security blanket. You know it’s gonna be good—you gonna root, and you gonna fall in love over again! Tropes are tried and tested, hence I always come back for more!

Cliche, they may call it, but these romantic tropes are my comfort zone. 🥰 Whether it be “dense in love heroine,” “friends to lovers,” “slow burn romance,” “reverse harem,” and of course my favorite “love triangle” I just can’t get enough! As true lover of anything romance genre, my favorite tropes are like flame to my moth! I burn alive in love!