News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this February!

There were certain days that I felt so meh…or worst crying like it was nobody’s business (is being sentimental comes with age or just me being a little under the weather—or simply because of the misunderstanding between mom and me…like always) But February ain’t bad. February is alright! I think there were awesome moments, still, but that one particular day lingered on me more than necessarily (I hate how the black dot overwhelms me rather than wide white clean canvas—here I am speaking in metaphor again!!!)

Blogging in February: My Blogging mojo got better but it’s not my ‘ideal’ yet!!

Blogging wise it wasn’t as messy as January (it was due to my internet being crappy like crap!) but I haven’t formatted my posts for March (which I’ll do this weekend since I’ll be busy this month—more on that a little later!) and my April posts will be about my Japan trip (like everything, I prepared the topics y’all—I’m going to milk it like a boss!! hehehe~) And I again got sidetracked, here are the Feb posts recap:

February Reading List: in which things got better!!

So I did some reading but it wasn’t as intense as the months before but I did read new things!! Some noteworthy, I re-read the Unearthly series and I was so proud of myself. In retrospect, it’s not me being not in love with reading books, but more than not being able to find comfort reads with the latest releases! But with Restore Me coming out this March, I’ll finally get to read a book!!! *weeps like an academy best actress* Anyhoo, here are my Feb reads!!

1. 4分間のマリーゴールド (Marigold in 4 minutes) ∙ oh wow, just wow lots of heavy stuff, not controversial stuff but more on the drama side. I almost cried…almost, but wow, it was heavy!!

2. ター・マチング (To Matching) ∙  just an ordinary office girl but with an app made her compatible with not just one, nope, not two, and yep, def just not three but four uber guys! This is reverse harem josei style!

3. ひとつばな (Hitotsubana) ∙ I hate Scum’s Wish and this is like riding the tailcoat of that kind twisted love story. Boy became nasty when he found out that the girl wasn’t as Britney would say “not the innocent” If I were the guy I’ll just move on, there are lots of girls (one that like yogurt drink *coughs*) out there!

4. BOZEBEATS ∙ one of Jump’s new series which I strongly feel better fit in Square because well, exorcist!!! LOL this is like a hybrid of 双星の陰陽師 (Twin Star Exorcists) and 青の祓魔師 (Blue Exorcist) but hot damn, that’s one fine art!! I love the art so I’m sticking around.

5. ウソ婚 (Uso Kon) ∙ hot josei is hot!!! You got some hot salary men and she got entangled with his business—personal business! There’s nothing really outstanding about this but I love me smut josei (hot billionaires stories are my go-to when in doubt!! LOLOL)

6. 花野井くんと恋の病 (Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai) ∙ some cute fluffy thing~!! The girl doesn’t understand love and the random act of kindness she did to the guy made him like her! But like I said she doesn’t understand romance & relationship yet—and this what makes it cutie how they awkwardly started their relationship. Super nice!! I’ll stick around!

7. その笑顔好きじゃない (Sono Egao Suki Janai) ∙ girl with trouble past, almost an outcast, and the popular boy who was persistent on wanting to be friend her. I liked the start until that other girl popped up & obvs up to no good. Damn it, it was already okay!!

8. 恋愛バカ上等 (Renai Baka Joutou) ∙ they were delinquents before…fast forward to adulthood they met in the their workplace & that triggered all these feelings left behind from high school! Hehehe, cute short read…it’s steamy, yes, that too!

9. チョコレート・ヴァンパイア (Chocolate Vampire) ∙ I love some vampire manga!! I didn’t like the main male character just because he looks like a child, but this one looks promising so I’m gonna marathon it one of these days (I only read one volume lolol)

Life in February: nostalgia effect courtesy of Ms. Perry’s Hot & Cold single!

feb 2018
Chaotic messy feb but I love it!!!
  • I’ve already briefly mentioned about my ups and down this month—but now that I think about it that was only few days and there were more than happy occasions that happened this month.  I don’t why the nature of human is to linger on the bad things than be zealous on happy things and thoughts…or just my anxiety hating on me. Whatevs!
  • We’re preparing for our Japan trip next month, I bought some light sweaters & cardigan (although I have some jackets too…just in case, because I’m easily affected by the cold weather—hello, tropical dweller here where the weather just gets hotter! Honestly, even though it’s still just February I can already feel the heat of the summer!
  • There’s nothing memorable to mention on how I spent my non-existent Valentine’s Day LOLOL but yeah, still single AF, but I think I’m okay with it…maybe I just meant to be single and I see nothing bad about it. But yeah, love month is pretty awesome, still! Thank God for all the blessings!!

Looking Forward to March: another piece of Warner (c/o of Restore Me) AND, AND, AND!!! MY JAPAN TRIP!!!

feb 2018
Small chance of seeing cherry blossoms
  • I’m excited for March because (1) Restore Me is coming out!! Yeah boy!! I’m so pump!! I feel like the ending of Ignite Me is bit clipped off although I was satisfied with it—open ending sounded better at that time!! But I was absolutely ecstatic when Tahereh Mafi announced the fourth book! As much as I love my OTP, the Warner + Kenji interactions are what keep me insane with this this series! More of it Ms. Mafi, please~!!
  • And, AND, AAAAAAND *drum roll* Japan trip is happening y’all~ we were waiting for Jetstar or Cebu Pacific seat sales and it happened! We snatched a good deal and we are flying this March to Fukuoka, Japan  (we were thinking of Nagoya, Osaka or Fukuoka—we are not ready for Tokyo yet…too expensive!). But Fukuoka is the most budget friendly for a family like us! So I’m so excited!! We bought additional baggage in case we buy more than enough manga (no more shipping fee~!!!) we’re going to haul like yeah-ba~ My only wish is I have a good camera—I only have my trusty point and shoot and there’s a camera I want but blegh no more extra money for it!! So an extra moolah is a greatly appreciated so HIRE ME PLEASE!!!
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