Issues, I got them too! What are they? Well, I already ranted about it briefly, and I already sorted that out—at least on my side of things are a-ok now. And it dawned me, I need to stop explaining myself.

I have shortcomings. I know had done so little in the past. I fell short of people’s expectations. But when I promised I will do it, I’ll commit to it (no more, no less though). I’m woman of my word. When someone put me in a situation that I was never consulted but the outcome of this person’s decision greatly affected me, of course I’ll get emotional. But they will never understand, their mind is closed off. Um…yep, so long and thanks for all the fish, I guess? Now that drama’s over, I’m gonna focus on how the month went down. February was almost chill sans that issue ⬆️.

If January was super hectic for me, Feb was mostly peaceful, sometimes I crave mediocrity. Most of my days were spent peacefully. And majority of what I planned for this month did pan out! So that’s good, all in all. But saving the deets below.

Blogging in February: Glad that I planned ahead before my old desktop pc bid goodbye.

My very grand-nanny of a desktop computer (she was 9 years old, I have so many memories with it 💦) finally hit its last breath. I was crying ‘cos I didn’t have enough money to buy a new one (it touched my savings a bit—I did say that I plan to buy new tech as part of my goal this 2020 but didn’t expect it to be this soon). But my brother helped me out buying new one (he knows computer very well) and now I have a new one! ✨ Better and faster so I’m kinda happy. Salvaging my files will have to wait later though. So in short because I did everything: photos, content, I mean everything way ahead! Feb was on point, blogging-wise.

Reading in February: My motivation and free time are back! I’m still in love with Charlotte and Jeffrey and I am basking in this slow burn romance!

Webtoon saga continues on & on

I also read couple amazing series this month! Since I’m back to my normal routine, I got to read some of the series on my back-list. And I’m still super in love with 샬롯에게는 다섯 명의 제자가 있다 that I ended up rereading all available chapters so far! I haven’t been this obsessed with series after…🤔 see? been a while! And before this space becomes Charlotte-centric post, here are my reads for Feb!

  1. 그 오빠들을 조심해! | Beware of the Brothers! – there’s no romance (yet!) but I love the premise of little girl being replaced to noble’s deceased only daughter. I like the dynamics between the brothers and her future husband!
  2. 악역의 구원자 | Queen with a Scalpel – Oh my gosh! You know one of my kryptonite is medical drama-ish! And this isekai webtoon has solid medical aspect, the heroine is like super good at med & an OP surgeon! Gotta love strong intellectual woman! And the romance was super great too! Waiting for it to come back from its break.
  3. 악역의 구원자 | The Villain’s Savior – this is another isekai (there are plenty of this, it’s the rave in the webtoon world…well, I think manga too) but this more on serious drama side than rom-com. A woman so in love with this character that get transported to save this man from the tragedy that awaits him.
  4. 소심한 팔레트 | Timid Palette – it’s a very new series on Naver, and guess what, I fell again for the second lead. It’s a very mellow college romance drama (again kryptonite) about art club and finding one self.
  5. 이계 무슨 황비 | What Kind of Empress is This – Gosh, I struck gold with the the series I tried this month, I also love this (Charlotte is an obsession, alright?) I love evil but misunderstood love interest of an emperor and with modern intelligent heroine! It’s isekai too but minus the semantics (*cough* truck-kun *cough*)! Really, really good! I even read the raws because I need to know next!!

Life in February: Just another Valentines day, computer woes, and k-drama marathon!

Crash landed on my ❤
  • I made some reflection about love. I think I’ll be single for some foreseeable future. Not that I’m not attracted to guys or don’t believe in romance (hello~ me? romance?? 😏) but I don’t see myself in a relationship and become a parent. I’m 33, turning 34 this year & by this age I think I’m more resolved than ever. My mom doesn’t like my idea of single-hood—that I’ll be “old maid” but in all seriousness, I carefully thought about it & I don’t think I’m ready (in all aspect) to be someone else’s wife or mother, especially now. And my biological is ticking, you know.
  • I had plenty of free time this month, I do want to tackle some of my plans but meh, I wanna rest! So rest I did! And you know what I did? I Netflix-ed the weekend! I tried series like Cinderella and the Four Knights (I made it halfway then jumped to last ep ‘cos it got boring). I started While You were Sleeping, same as Cinderella only the start was good so I dropped it. But then this clamor of the ending of Crash Landing on You made me want to watch it and I’m 🥰😍❤ It was super good. The lead actors are both beautiful human being and the cross-border love affair between North Korean military personnel & South Korean heiress was so interesting. I marathoned it for 5 days—yep, practically abandoned everything (hence my reads was short) and just super focused on watching it. Gosh, so amazing, I wanna re-watch the whole thing again!
  • I already told you about my pc! My brother helped me find my new desktop. I knew what I wanted but he knows stuff better than me (that is his forte) so he saved me a lot! It fits my budget and now I have pc that run smoothly. My grand-nanny of a pc before hangs a lot so it so refreshing to open apps pretty quick! My new pc tower is so shiny and smol! 👩‍💻✨

Looking Forward to March: I was super lazy the last few days weeks, I rest hard! So I will try to be productive this coming new month!

Productive mode on progress
  • I still didn’t get started with my goals (well, the new tech did happen but that was not on schedule though I’m happy ‘cos it’s shiny new) so I will try to journal. I did note some things I’m gonna write once the motivation return.
  • I also want to revamp my portfolio (the design is similar but I’ll add some shiny new things). So sad that all my illustrations stuck in my old hard drive (gotta be diligent on backing up my files to the cloud and maybe invest some external hard drive). I also buying new domain for it since I want to polish more and make more professional-ish. ✨ I’m excited for my shiny design archive hub!
  • Well, hopefully a better month all in all. Feb was pretty OK minus that me breaking down and sobbing like waterfalls 😭 I want to be productive for March 🤞 I think I had enough lazy weekends so with my new tech I hope all my digital plan will go on schedule!
Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. —2 Timothy 2:15 | ESV