And just like that, 2021’s February is almost over! How was the month? It was uneventful but pretty OK-ish (which I’m very much grateful btw, you know in this anxiety-inducing situation we are in, OK is good!!) Anyways, I was so immersed on completing my to-do list so I channeled most of productive energy there! I managed to finish them on time so I’m pretty happy (I deserve pat on the back).

Mostly, I’m more at-the-present kind of person this month: do things now, laze around later! I’m happy doing things slowly or little by little instead of just rushing things in one go! And based on experience, I fail miserably when I rush things! So yeah, pretty fulfilling successions of moments there! Just like my title implies *winks* Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.” – Coreta Kent

Blogging in February! Another love-fest month! It was all about love, and small-ish announcement of nos. of posts moving forward!

I’m one post short this month and that was deliberate. I did plan to have at least 3 posts but I’ve decided against it because as I mentioned I was busy finishing things up. Aside from I’m streamlining some of my tasks that I need to do for the months ahead, there are plenty of personal tasks I wanna focus on, so I guess I’m not gonna be that visible in the blog. But I’m still committed to release at least 2-3 posts per month (OK, maybe just two—that’s max! or three if I feel like it!) This month’s theme was all about love (like obviously;;;) and I’m pretty satisfied with the posts that I came up!

Reading in February! As they say, every end is a new beginning! So many faves ended but plenty of new series came out, too!

I Raised the Beast Well
So many beautiful men for me!

The month’s full of favorites ending! *sobs* Ellin’s Solhwa, Toy Complex (absolute fave ❤️ too bad it was soooo short—smut but saccharine sweet!), Sweet Spooky Darling (did not see that twist! & otp sailing yasss~),  I Found Somebody to Love, Invitation of Mystic Messenger (so short; like, that was it???), Duke’s Servant, and My Fair Footman!

But while there were lot of webtoon series that ended, so many new ones came out (and some are about to come out!) I’m majorly freaking out ‘cos lots of them have gorgeous art, while some are web novels that I’ve tried before (didn’t put in my list yet…) that will come out soon! Totes excited! I usually wait at least 50 chapters but gaaah, the art of these new ones are just damn pretty, my curiosity got the better of me so I indulged, and so here we are 💦

  1. 눈부시게 빛나는 | Dazzlingly Bright ·  a cute, mellow, age-gap story (the female lead is older than the guy…and I think the guy is still in high school? oh noes!!) but seriously, she’s a writer and in need of inspiration, enter this refreshing young man to break her monotonous life! Also, I smelled a love triangle when the sunbae from uni re-entered the scene! Oh boy!
  2. 아빠, 나 이 결혼 안할래요! | Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married! · this is suuuuper new! I initially bookmarked it for later but I tried it and I can’t stop…so I caught up? 💦 I am really excited to see the father-daughter second chance bonding, as well as the new hunkie crown prince for the cutie fluff! Ugh, so invested!
  3. 곱게 키웠더니, 짐승 | I Raised the Beast Well · another new good series! (there are so many), the fmc is very sassy, she’s nice and all, but she doesn’t back down when it comes to it! Also, that shape-shifter male lead is just an eye-candy! What’s up, so many hunks in my reading list!!
  4. 로열 셰프 영애님 | Lady Chef Royale · it was good but I was under the impression that it would be about cooking (just like how The Duchess’ 50 Tea Recipes is with teas) but there isn’t enough cooking (yet???) but more royal politics like the other isekai stories, oh well, let’s still see how it goes!
  5. 일레나 에보이 관찰일지 | My Observational Diary of Elena Evoy · aaaahhh, cute! soooo cute! This is like Last Game but set in historical-fantasy fiction genre! You know how competitive the male lead to our equally amazing but stereotypically dense (to make things, er, harder) female lead but later on fell in love pretty hard! Yep, that kind of storyline! And I’m just a sucker for guy-fall-first-with-dense-girl trope! Gimme more, please!
  6. 여름 소나타 | Summer Sonata  · it’s the awkward art for me 💦 kidding, vampire stories still get me from time to time, though both the art and story are pretty mediocre for me; but there is something about it that still compels me to see through to the end, so yeah I’ll read ’til it ends (it’s only 45 chapters anyway)
  7. 나만 아는 사랑 | The Only Love I Know  · I read this last year but it never made it to my cut, so with more chapters updated I went ahead and continued it! Though interesting, I’m not so much into the characters, especially the annoying best-friend of fmc who happens to be the step-sister of the male lead (who also happen to be the male lead unrequited love;; oh yes the drama)! Will get back to it once it’s done though.
  8. 그녀가 공작저로 가야 했던 사정 | The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion ·  this has been in my TBR for the loooongest time. Tried it plenty of times but I didn’t get it? With the main plot’s ending (the chapters releasing right now are just side stories) finally gotten the motivation to conquer this behemoth of a series (140+) and hooray I finished it! Not the best one I tried but interesting enough!
  9. 악역에게 정체를 들켜버렸다 | The Villain Discovered My Identity · you know me and my gender-bender stories, automatic bookmark/read; this Mulan-esque somewhat (I’ll go to the army for my father’s sake story plot, y’know those…) but our fmc is an incredible soldier/knight and this caught the attention of the prince; since she was isekai-ed into this setting, she wanted a carefree life but not when the crown prince or the OG villain knew her ability!
  10. 악녀는 마리오네트 | The Villainess Is a Marionette  · gosh dammit, the art people, the art! So gorgeous! But the story’s is equally awesome too! I want her to change his brother’s fate of tyranny and became a good leader instead of him typically dying in this second round because he is still evil! Also, another hunk;; mr. duke hello there! 😍
  11. 이건 명백한 사기결혼이다 | This Is an Obvious Fraudulent Marriage · I’ve tried this before and in this rare case, I’ve stopped myself from going further and let the chapters accumulated first! And you know what, glad I did! And while it’s not over and I marvelously caught up yet again, but I’m almost in the peak of the story with 3/4 of the secrets already out! So I’m gonna soak that Rin-Del fluffy moments that I’ve been waiting for because of that damn calmative that was c**k blocking this married couple every freaking time!
  12. | Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon · this is such sad story, all I wish is for the female lead to have happy life with her husband! But before that let me pull the hair of that damn half-sister of hers because she’s a total bi*tch! Yes, baby girl you deserve all the good that life has to offer! *sobs*

Life in February! It’s all about that meticulous planning! All the tasks I’m excited to work on! Oh, an epic cooking disaster part 3!

Planner for February 2021
It’s chaotic, messy spread! Ooops?
  • Again, uneventful month for me. But being less busy allowed me to work on my future tasks. I have so many plans! And I want to do dem plans! But I restrained myself and focus on it one at a time! And that’s my overall mantra for the month, one step a time + don’t rush and take my time! And I think it is working! It made me more focus and my list more cohesive. I just crossed some of the things in my to-do list! So many things are still up there but like I said, do things slowly but surely!
  • I cut my my own hair! 💇 Like really short this time: few cms above my shoulder! With summer fast approaching and being mostly indoors, there was really no reason to grow my hair. I also still don’t feel comfortable going to salon even for haircut! My hair btw, is super frizzy and has thick volume so I get treatment every year but you already know, pandemic happened so I’ve decided just to cut it myself (thanks youtube tutorials)! It feels so lighter and saves me some shampoo and conditioner too!
  • So Valentine’s came & gone again! My brother’s fam was pretty nice to treat us some home-cooked meals! My sister-in-law sent us so many food (barbecue, lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring rolls) and laksa noodle soupwhich I’m not biggest fan because curry 😞) but so much food that night! Also I tried making caramel pudding too for dessert but failed for the third time! There’s something about it that I just couldn’t get it right uuuuggggh!

Looking forward to March! One year in quarantine 😲 here’s hoping for better days; and more productive as I work on dem plans!

March 2021
March 2021! I have some plans!
  • Wow, it’s March again and we’re officially one year in quarantine! The pandemic truly got the better of us, but still hoping that vaccine program will roll out the soonest (last I heard there’s no actual date yet…) I hope the vaccine that we will get are the ones that have higher efficacy rate; let’s think about our brave health workers, they deserve the very best! Anyway, so much things are happening, and I pray things will start to get better!
  • I hope I’ll have enough money to buy a new phone…don’t get me wrong my two phones are running pretty OK, but my older one is so old…I want better ram and high storage capacity; I’ve been eyeing a new model, but gotta earn and save the money to buy it. I’m second-guessing ‘cos of the economy right now and it’s not like I really, really need it now.
  • Will start on my major personal plans this March. As well as adulting things that I need to do before the quarter ends (better to tackle it as early as March). So yeah, there are stuff for me to do!
  • Ugh, the weather is starting to get warmer and it feels like the summer this year is gonna come sooner and more unbearable than last year *knocks on wood* hope it really is not gonna be that way! But wow, March means that the first quarter is about to end, and well, it proves that time fly by so fast! First two months of 2021’s done! March be kinder & gentler to us! 🙏
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