News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this February!

I ain’t blonde but that sure is a catchy song *coughs* I wrote this recap just last night, in a hurry, because I wasn’t fully conscious that the month is one day away from over (by the time this post is up, only hours, I guess)! But a glance on the calendar made me panic like whoa. Yeah that happened. But then again February is the shortest month of the year so well, it does make sense. Once January is over, like a domino effect, the months will roll in pretty fast. And it makes me anxious *laughs nervously* Anyway, time to write all the things that happened this love month!

I said that I would try to make February more chill than January which I think I managed to achieve. The first month of the year was jam-packed with me running around, roaming around (and I meant that literally). This month I stayed still, and pretty much laze around at home. I also used my free time to tick off some of my to-do things and well, I did well if I say so myself. I’ll tell some deets below!

Blogging in February: We’re back to regular business. And I even did photography *pats herself*

So I did well with my blogging *twirls like a champion* I posted all the post I scheduled for the month. And I even had some time to take pictures. I’m using my phone for the photos but really, someday, I might invest in a good camera. Someday. Not super pro, but something that easy, light, and can take quality pictures haha. But first, I need a new laptop! Mine right now is seriously lagging, although I do most of my work on my desktop.  But laptop and convenience of owning one is making me want to have brand new one.

Reading in February: It’s all about webtoons, webtoons, and more webtoons for me. It hit me like 뚜두뚜두~!


I think I fell in love with webtoons all over again. And the second time hit me like ddu-du-ddu-du!! In the entire month, all I’ve been reading are new webtoons series! Feb was like completely just webtoons!! And I’m madly in love with majority of the ones I read. It was good month for reading. I did read manga but most of them are updates I’m currently following. So I’m excited to share them!

  1. Broken Melody | 은사 by 이제(ongoing) I’ve listed this before but it was pretty young series, w/ couple of chapters out then. I picked it up again now that it has plenty of chapters to marathon. This one is on the drama side but I’m all for angsty, emotional read with side dish of romance. About girl piano prodigy overwhelmed by the pressure. Her family fled to a rural town, and years later, she met a man with an equally sad past. He allowed her to play the piano again. It’s about patching up and having second chances. Ongoing and I can’t wait for more.
  2. Future is Coming | 미래 에서 왔습니다 (ongoing) Girl who dislikes men. So much she wore guy’s clothes and acted as one. She was feared in school but one day a man came proclaiming he is her future husband–and take this, from the future. And he was there to stop “something” from happening! Super, super interesting!
  3. I Married an Anti-Fan | 그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다(ongoing) the art is pretty and that made me try it, although it didn’t really wow me. Maybe bcos it’s still starting and it’s less than 20 chapters (on naver). I read it’s a movie or was it manhua originally? Maybe I’ll just pick it up later. I’m the type who love to marathon than waiting or reading bits by bits.
  4. Red Honey | 레드 허니(ongoing) Vampires are back in 2k19 and this webtoon just revived me from that slumber! Love the art, the story, the BOYS!! and the heroine. She’s queen candidate of the vampire society. She has this friend who happens to be her personal knight and I’m swooning hard, you guys! Although she’s currently infatuated w/ this human guy (though he’s a cutiepie too) but aaah, shipping her with Mr. Friend slash Knight for all eternity!
  5. Smash It Girl | 박살소녀 (ongoing) Another series with so much dynamic between the leads that I ship them from the get-go! Our heroine is not just another girl. She’s baseball bat wielding, demon slayer. And she can haul you like nothing, so don’t get fooled by her cute face! In fact, she saved the male lead from the bullies. And that scene is freaking satisfying I tell you, love me some girl who kicks douche ass!
  6. The Greatest Wolf of my Life | 내 쟁애 최고의닉대 (ongoing) Like Broken Melody (I TL-ed it as Teacher btw) I’ve tried it before and also has few chapters then. But I finally went back to series now that it currently has many chapters available. So, I marathoned, and it so freaking hilarious. So, it’s a comedy-romance about celebrity A-lister with aversion to woman, maybe people in general, but he still fell in love with his wacky English tutor. But too bad for him, her childhood & successful webtoon artist returned and now woo-ing her. It is so funny and I love all the dynamic between the two main leads. I want more! More coins from Lezhin, please!!
  7. The Knight of the Shooting Star | 유정의 기사를 부탁해! –  (ongoing) Aaaah!! I super love this series as well, and it so charming, and nice, and charming (yes, it needs to say twice). Half-faes knights were sent to the human world for the final test of their knighthood. They had to find their ladies, but for Lemon, he literally fell in front of her and was mistaken as a pervert and was even stun-guned, poor boy. But thankfully she loved anything mystical & witchcraft. She will help him with his test as his lady! The chemistry is just L-O-V-E!! I know there is no biggy romance hints yet, but my senses are tingling!
  8. True Beauty | 여신강림(ongoing) Another new favorite! If there’s one thing I love to learn is to apply makeup the way Korean makeup guru does! No, seriously, I love how youthful and natural they look. Well, the girl here gets the boost of self-esteem by successfully learning the art of makeup. And she loves it so much she wants to pursue it professionally, even against her mother’s wishes! But y’all this has the type of romance I swoon so hard for! There are two boys and I can’t choose. My fiery passion for love triangle is to be blamed. So OT3 then!!

Life in February: Stayed a lot at home. Chill during the holidays. And trying to cook new dish!

Why so heavy, Saeran my boi!
  • I said I was gonna be pretty chill? Yeah, I made it, after last month being so hectic. I needed the break. In that downtime, I made few things from my schedule and ticking them off were very satisfying. I still need to catch up with my journal. I also plan to go back to self-studying Korean and Japanese. Finger crossed!
  • I’m playing Mystic Messenger like it’s 2016! I haven’t played Searan’s route so I had some free time so I just did it. And I like the game’s time is scattered throughout the day so I have some good breather. Also, V’s After Ending is out and I can’t say I’m happy with it. I’m not onboard with the whole Rika redemption story, Cheritz!
  • Lunar New Year with tikoy and mung bean cake. And in Valentine’s Day I treat my family with some ice-cold delights (ice cream w/ overflowing choco & caramel syrup…there goes calories to shed) I also tried cooking some mapo tofu and my sister tried it said I got a passing score! I want to try cooking it again and up the spiciness but tone down the ginger a bit.
  • I had pretty bad episodes of GERD this month. Not as bad as before but stomach cramps and heartburn were just plain down awful. It mellowed down after taking some medicine (prescribed by the doctor before). I need to regulate my spicy and sour intakes.
  • I am semi active on IG! I love all the stickers in stories! I’m just updating as an excuse to use them. Well, half is to fan-gush all my beloved webtoons and ships. Apologies for my fangirling to peeps who follow me~

Looking forward to March: first quarter of the year ending! *gasp* just want a stress free month ahead! And catch up to my to-do list too!

to-do list
stress-free month, yes?
  • March comes like a lion! No, I’m just using the opportunity after missing it last year. Have no big plans for March. So maybe I’ll use the time to do few more on my to-do list, like journaling for example. Also starting some commission work. I’m excited!
  • I am posting my second installment of my Taiwan trip this March. I will share our side trip to Juifen and Shifen this time. I have half of it written down so I just need to finish it soon. Writing this travel log made me remember my Japan trip last year, the same month. It’s been one year since then. I want to visit Japan again but my finances aren’t ready yet. And you know money is really needed for Japan trip (don’t believe travel is free for the passionate, it is 100% not!!) It was almost years in the making for the first time it happened.
  • I made my schedule for the blog, I’ll try to do my own photography like the same experiment I did for Feb. I really much prefer my own than editing and scouring the net for the perfect image that suit my style. I’m still using some but for manga or reading related, I think I’ll take my own photos (even if it isn’t high-res, at least it’s me.) Also, I need more personal blogs to follow. I have few added in my reader, and they spark so much inspiration. I miss the old blogging days.
  • Praying for stress free March, and I hope the month will still have nice days with cold nights…I’m dreading the summer approaching. I am not ready to let go of this refreshing weather. Windy and clear skies is my kind of a perfect weather! Yeah, peace out!
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” — Colossians 3:15 | NIV