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It’s hard to believe that February flew by just like that. I know it’s the shortest month of the year but still, it went so fast! But you know what was (is still is) slow last month? That’s right, my reading pace. 3.3 I’m so, so behind my reading challenge something that never happened in the last five years. I blame my constant procrastination for that. Oh well.

Monthly Highlight!

Left to right: The Great ‘OTP’ Post!; Breaking some stereotypes! I know it was kinda sad.

I reviewed Things We Know by Heart by Jessie Kirby and it was really nice book. I suggest picking it out once out.

Arc Acquisition:

  • Between the Covers (excerpts from the hottest new adult books)
  • The Prey by Tom Isbell
  • Sorceress by Claudia Gray

(Also has e-arcs, but I forgot which ones are new. ^^;) As always, big thanks goes to Harper Collins International for these awesomeness!

Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

  • I redesigned my domain collective/mini personal blog. I want something cohesive, fun and have pink…at least the one that is visible.
  • And you guys, you guys my copy Zakki by Sui Ishida had finally arrived. :heart: Well, it didn’t really arrive on my doorstep, I needed to fetch it from the post office (and pay Php 100). I was told by Faye that The Book Depository purchases are now subjected to the same treatment therefore books need to be picked up from the PO and pay the same amount. It’s such a debbie downer, really, I mean, you paid custom fee, then go there. So much hassle.
  • Now back to Zakki, I didn’t expect to come. Honestly, I was thinking of buying a new one on my next bulk purchase from YA but gaaaah!!!! so relieved that it came. After almost torturous 3 months. Now onto my latest, still waiting (3 weeks had passed *bite nails*). :sweatdrop:


And that’s it! That’s what had rolled down this February, so now I turn over to you beautiful bookish peeps; how’s last month?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!