Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Published:May 8th 2012 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (first published January 1st 2012)

I really thought it was a very romantic book. I mean, look at the cover: a girl and a boy almost kissing. And the title! The title!! So for a hopeless romantic like me all I could do is hope. But it’s not really a romance book. There’s romance, yes. But for me it felt more on moving on, self-realization and acceptance.  Maybe that’s not bad at all.

There are two narrators in the book. But it mostly focuses on Gray. Gray is indifferent; he secluded himself because of what happened to his sister.  For him everyone sucks until Dylan invaded his isolated world. Dylan is his exact opposite as she is enthusiastic, outgoing and completely random. She helped him break down his walls and in the process fell in love with her. He’s ready to open up again to other people and he wanted her to be with him in this new direction of his life. But for Dylan, life is an adventure. She doesn’t want to stay still, she doesn’t like when other people decide her life. Even if she loved that person. And that complicates their relationship.

I’m not sure about their relationship. Because I’m not sure if/when Dylan is serious. She says ‘I love you’ casually. And one time she said that she loved him but not the heart leaping kind…or something. And then after their first kiss, I still find it…emotionless. Truth to be told, Dylan’s character felt for me like a means to an end. To Gray’s end. At a later part their relationship became a bit sexual (to my standard). I’m not bothered by it, however, I do think that sex is not as huge life changing as Gray thought it is. I think him (and his family) finally moving on is more life changing than getting laid.

I can relate to Gray. I understand how he cope with his twin sister’s death and how his family dealt with this tragedy. With Dylan’s help he and his family is slowly starting to move on and on a healing process. He’s going back to the things he loved before like baseball. Starting to open up. And Dylan is a huge part of that process and I understand why he fell in love with her. She’s different; she’s one of a kind. But at times I find her character a little annoying. I sorta liked her vibrant personality and her randomness but it just too much for me.

I also didn’t like that she left him after establishing her importance on his life. So no wonder Gray was angry at her. I know she has journey of her own but you know it’s harsh when she tried to cut him off. She’s the first person who entered his life after what happened to him/his family. And she let him down. Wait, I think I’m so team Gray here, LOL. Sorry, I’m like Gray in many ways so I truly understand him.

What I liked though that this is a story of two normal people. Gray and Dylan are normal teenagers. And in normal circumstances. And even though I find the story relatively normal I still kinda liked it.