Time to give my first impression to all the new (sans on-going series like Gintama) series I’m now watching this season. Few sequels this time around & I am one happy panda enjoying what autumn has to offer!

  • Dance of Devils — Lets start with the negative news: this series was B-O-R-I-N-G. I literally fell asleep while watching episode two and that says a whole lot. I have insomnia. I have trouble sleeping. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour before I fall asleep. But damn, 10 minutes into it and I woke up two hours later delirious of what has happened. On the bright side it might cure my bad sleeping habit.
  • Diabolic Lovers More, Blood —Be honest guys, Diabolic Lovers has non-existent plot. With only less than 13 minutes per episode, I think the producers didn’t even try giving it a depth. It’s always like this: guy (of the day) pushes heroine on the wall (kabe-don, my gawd) bites her, drinks her blood then rolls the credits. I’m slightly no, really pissed.

  • Haikyuu!! 2 — Tell me guys, what’s too much? Because I need to admit that I have watched the first three episodes 5 times already. I know, I know how obsessive can I be. But it’s Haikyuu we’re talking about so no way I’m restricting myself on how many times I watch it (with slight tendency to read the manga afterwards). This is after all my favorite arc so far.
    ※ I almost memorized the opening song…#obsessesmuch #storyofmylife
  • Noragami Aragoto — that opening song! (collage of  the opening song above btw) I love it although I’m also quite concerned of the upcoming episodes because that opening song featured characters that are part of the succeeding arcs after Bishamon and that’s a lot of chapters to cover if I gauged it correctly. Just crossing my fingers that it will not rush the story.
  • One Punch Man — First things first: why the heck Madhouse? Why is this awesomeness only slated for one cour? Like why??!! Ok, now that is out of my chest, I’m really enjoying this series so far. I’m up-to-date with manga so I like the treatment it is getting. And I’m also quite pleased that the animation is keeping up with Murata-sensei’s super gorgeous art. But still weeping over the fact that it’ll only have 12 episodes. (second season must happen, ok?!)
  • Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen —I still couldn’t figure out what the anime team will gonna do with this “anime original” story because even after 3 episodes, it still feels like cementing the groundwork, albeit painfully slow. I mean those things I think were already hinted in the last season, while they expand a bit of the information I still feel things are quite inadequate (so it feels redundant). Maybe too soon to judge?
  • Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou — cute & irrelevant: that’s what I think this is. It is obvious it’s only a fodder for the poor souls hungry for the real Attack on Titan new season. I think we’ll get by…patience is a virtue indeed, people.

So there you have it! How about you, watching any new anime this season? What can you say about it? Do share it with me then!