So Tokyo Ghoul has ended and I’m hungry for more seinen. I’m not even asking for the same caliber, because that’s going to be a hard task. But something with the same vibe. I searched high & low; and from the titles I got, I was narrowing down my choices to these three: Zetman, Gantz and Terra Formars. I excluded Terra Formars immediately because I don’t want to affect my enjoyment of the anime (kinda learned from TG anime). Gantz sounds something good so I ended up watching the anime, then after a few episodes I dived into the manga.

When they said that seinen series are more violent and have explicit content, I felt that they are describing Gantz. Violent? Yes. Ecchi? Yep, it got lots of chest and panty shots there. But some are just really unnecessary. (That’s from a female perspective though.)

I wonder how some of the scenes managed to get through without censorship. I watched the first two episodes in dubbed format. And because I hated the dubbing, I tried to watch it again, in subs this time. Better…so much better. Now I don’t know if the episodes I watched are the uncut version, because there are lots of splatting of blood and explosion of limbs. Even the sex scenes were shown. But I just felt betrayed because compare to Terra Formars (I’m just speaking of episode 1) and Tokyo Ghoul, the censorship for Gantz was a bit lax. But upon evaluation, the animation was sloppy so it didn’t come out as gory or repulsive. At least sometimes.

The pacing is slow, both the anime and manga. I think I got the pattern of the plot. So every time a mission begins, there will be several chapters (in the anime, few episodes) that shown the lives of the people that will join the hunt/mission. I think some of ‘em unnecessary to build up because they are gonna die minutes after they start the mission. It’s a wasted storytelling to me. The events also don’t have that sense of urgency, despite facing an imminent danger. So it felt anticlimactic most of the time.

My biggest problem was the main character, Kei Kurono. I’m now in episode 18 and Chapter 130 of the manga. I read that I only need to watch up to ep 21 and start reading manga at chapter 90. And that’s what I did. Kurono is still big douche to me. Sure, he’s slowly changing but man, he’s one hell of a SOB at the beginning. I hope he really does change because it sure hard to continue reading when you don’t like the MC.

Another complaint was the violence. Some are just plain pointless. Like this guy who wanted to return to Gantz. He decided to mass kill to provoke Kurono into killing him. But if I get the gist right, all he needed to do was to die, him alone. He doesn’t need to drag innocent people just to continue his suicidal journey. So, so meaningless (I kinda skipped these parts, I can’t bear it).

It actually begs the question, why they are doing it? Maybe I’m too early into the story but the people blindly follow this black, rude sphere. The agenda of the people behind it as well is a bit shady. This makes the story weak to me, as it didn’t have a solid sense as to what’s going on.

I’m bit disappointed at the same time, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll improve. So far, I see Kurono’s evident albeit slow development. And that’s enough for me to continue.