You know what’s new season means, right? Oh yes, time to make some first impression on all the anime I’m watching. (Listed in alphabetical order.)


Ajin — After I watched the first episode I made time to catch up with the manga. I held it off last years due to some circumstances (gotten lazy, pre-occupied—you know the usual). Now caught up, I’m very much prepared with the anime has to offer. I admit I do not like the CGI (just won’t grow with me even after 3 eps) but the flow of the story is pretty much faithful to the manga. I’m not sure how the anime will show the gruesome parts of the story (like, the head stuck in the helmet which scared the living daylights out of me… or that—oh wait, never mind). I’m not looking forward to it but I’m curious how they’ll execute it (no pun intended). Heard some feedback that Ajin reminded them of TG but let me tell you Kei ain’t Kaneki. The former is impassive AF! But Kai and Hide sure are loyal friends. Definitely a must see this season! (PS: the opening, Yoru wa Nemureru kai? is so good~ yeah, eargarms like for reeeaaallls!!!)

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season — There’s an arc in the manga (the heavily involves Obi) that I absolutely looking forward to seeing animated. So that got my full attention, LOL. And while I’m not like the biggest Shirayuki series fan out there but the parts that I adore is what keeps me glued!


Boku dake ga Inai Machi — I didn’t plan to see it, but because it was updated before Dagashi Kashi was up, I decided to watch it. And sweet cupcakes, was that awesome? Or was that awesome? I was on my toes when I watched the first episode. Like what was it? What was happening? All these questions emerged leaving me with no choice but to follow the series. Not that I regret it but man, what a hidden gem. Glad I tried it.

Dagashi Kashi — This reminds me a bit of Yakitate Japan: equal parts yummy food and out of proportion hilarity! For all those sweet tooth out there and also are big fans of Japanese snacks/candies this is a great treat for you (again no pun intended)! You get to know more about snacks and candies of different variety and brands while laughing your way on the cast silly antics. It’s definitely win-win situation, right? So go watch it!

Haikyuu!! Second Season — Do I have to give you a reason? Like this is Haikyuu we’re talking about so you should be watching it! But seriously, I’m a little (like just a tiny bit) disappointed that they’re gonna animate up until the Seijou rematch and hold off the finals against Shiratorizawa probably on the third season (there’s gonna be third season, it’s given). But needless to say whatever it is or however they’ll end this season I’m sure we are gonna enjoy it!

Nijiiro Days — Let’s do a simple Math here: 3 minutes for both Opening and Ending which leaves us to just little under 10 minutes and that’s like—wait, what is it? See, it doesn’t work for me. Diabolik Lovers format was like this but that damn show has no plot whatsoever, it can run for 5 minutes and it won’t change anything. Nijiiro days can’t. They’re faithful to the manga thank goodness (if I hazard a guess they’re animating 1 chapter per episode) but it just doesn’t sit well with me. But who am I to complain? I just want the Mari-chan & Matsun moment executed properly. That’s all I’m wishing now since it’s slated to run two cour.


Prince of Stride: Alternative — Not in my initial watch list too but my tumblr peeps just reblogged stuff about it that I just couldn’t deny the temptation building in. Plus when I checked the anime production info I was like super surprised on how many famous seiyuu were casted here! Like what the??!! They all here. ALMOST EVERYONE IS HERE! Seiyuu explosion aside, it was fun anime. I wouldn’t call it sports anime although it is…somehow? I mean what they’re doing is parkour? But it was enjoyable and I’m really having fun watching it.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu — Just watch the first episode—that runs 40+ minutes if I remember it correctly. While intriguing it was little…how should I put it? Wash down drama? I can’t explain it properly but it borders…mellow monotone. I might be not a full-blown historical convert yet, haha. I haven’t seen any episode after the first. Maybe I should take that that as a sign!

So there you have it! How about you, watching any new anime this season? What can you say about it? Do share it with me then!

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