I was supposed to post this on my other blog but because at the last minute I decided to merge it with Aeropapers, so as a heads up I’ll be posting this feature here from now on. I write first impression on anime I’m watching by season. I think I lamented the fact that I was teeny bit disappointed with the summer anime list because I have the last year’s line-up to compare it to. But no worries, even though I’m only following couple of shows I’m quite invested on them so I think it’s still great season for me!

Spring Leftovers:

Gintama: Oh my gosh, I love the new opening song. It is my most scrobbled track (according to my account). The song also hinted us on what to expect or what arcs they’re going to adapt this season. I most look forward to the soul switch arc where our resident, lazy-ass protagonist Gintoki will switch bodies with the demon captain of Shinsegumi, Hijikita. I expect riot!

I was once asked before if it’s worth investing your time & I always said yes but I do warn them that they have almost 300 episodes to catch up. The comedy though!!

Shokugeki no Soma: I love the manga! I love the anime! And I love that they’re not butchering & rushing the good stuff which I assumed is because they have a plan for a second cour. (please!) Based on the opening song (really, if you watch anime do pay attention to the littlest detail it could mean something) they will do the beginning of autumn election. That’s one badass cook off that will delight our visual palette! I’m excited!

Ore Monogatari: Ah! I love Takeo! I love Suna! I love Yamato! This trio makes my Thursday uber fun! I don’t faithfully follow the manga (read: no access to raws), sadly so I’m not sure whether they are sticking to the plot or not (although the first 12 episodes I was aware of the events) but I think Madhouse is doing a pretty good job. Gosh, this shoujo is so fun! I recently observed that a lot of males loved this series, and somehow only few girls I know who tried it actually liked it. Was it because Takeo is not your average love interest? Or just tastes vary? Hmm, it made me think.

Summer Line-up

Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Aaaaah~ this. Series. Everyone! I’m in love. I marathoned the heck of the manga because my curiosity was nagging me to do it! I didn’t expect to like it this much. But I do. Oh I really, really do! This is not your average gender bender shenanigans & contrary to what I mostly read: this is a SHOUNEN series! But I heard the mangaka has written/illustrated shoujo series before (I haven’t confirmed my source yet so take it with a grain of salt). There’s action, comedy and bishounen. Lots of ‘em. Ah, Tachibana, I’m jealous!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Have I told you how much I like Obi? No? I freaking in love with this guy! (I might have abused the word “love,” but who cares?). He was the reason why I urged myself to read the manga (and caught up with it!) *sobs* He’s so faithful to Shirayuki. Don’t get me wrong I do love Prince Zen but the loyalty of this man? It makes me swoon! I think the author is teasing us whether he has romantic feelings for her or just his duties. I beg the former!

Bones (FMA, Noragami & Ouran HS) is the studio behind it. Honestly, I was bit disappointed because it wasn’t as pretty as their other works. But it wasn’t under budget in anyway. I might’ve expected a lot.


Gangsta: I wasn’t planning to watch it. But I was told by several people that I would like it. And they were right; I did end up watching it. And liked it! It has dark themes (this is a seinen series I assumed), like drugs, prostitution among others. I also read few chapters of the manga. I’m not finish yet but so far, I’m quite curious with these people called Twilights. They are humans with extreme combat ability (and were used for wars? I supposed?)

It has good reviews from the blogs I follow and I think it deserves the praises!


God Eater: Extremely boring. Good concept, just the execution didn’t live up to its potential!

Are you watching anime this season? Which ones are your favorites?! Come talk to me about it!