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Title: Flat-Out Love Author: Jessica Park Published: May 18th 2011...

Title: Flat-Out Love
Author: Jessica Park
Published: May 18th 2011 by Jessica Park

Before I start my blabbering, let’s meet the essential members of the Watkin’s family.

Fin – The oldest son. The adventurous, fun-loving, suave and ultimately charming guy. Currently—according to the family—is traveling around the world. Doing good deeds one country at a time.
My assessment: Hottie, but too virtual.

Matthew – The middle son. The smart kid, and as Julie said is more fascinated with megabytes, firewalls and bittorent. But also according to her observation, he’s actually lean (mildly muscular) for someone who sits in front of his laptop.
My assessment: Beauty and brains (who says that only applies to girls. Well, apparently he kept his well-toned body by wearing geeky statement tees).

Celeste – The youngest daughter. Eccentric. Have a wide vocabulary. Fragile by circumstances. Very observant. Who hangs out with her “older brother” made of cardboard named Flat-Finn.
My assessment: Wise beyond years.

Flat-Finn – A life size image of Finn made of cardboard. His substitute while he’s away.
My assessment: Lifeless. One dimensional—I mean literally.

Julie Seagle went to Boston to start college, but things didn’t go well when she found out the apartment she’s supposed to stay is a taco restaurant. Good thing, her mother’s friend Erin Watkin invited her in to their home. But things started to change in this family because of her. And she’s about to know the one secret that kept this family whole but definitely apart.

Wow. I loved this book. There’s so much in this book that took me by surprise. It’s a bit of everything; it’s humorous, smart, and profound. In short, I liked it! I love everything in this book, and all you need to do is devoured it. And devour I did. Honest to goodness, I couldn’t let go.

What entertained me to bits were the characters. They’re well-thought out characters. Yes, even Flat-Finn. For someone made of cardboard, he did have his moments. But my favorite was Matthew. Once again, I fell in love with the geek, but he’s so great (can’t blame me). The moment he was introduced to the later part where all secrets were out, I can’t help rooting for the guy. He’s the one person that holding that family together. And even with the much effort from him, he’s still living in the shadow of his older brother, Finn.

I also found it amusing the internet fad reference such as facebook and twitter (more of the former actually), I liked their fb status (it was smartly funny). Although I disagree with Julie, for me Twitter is lot more fun than fb. Anyhoo, what I didn’t like is line after line of their fb chat. It didn’t have any description aside from that, but granted that they’re just tapping their keyboard, I guess that’s ok. :/

I really like it when I’m right. I knew it from the very beginning; there something odd with this family especially regarding Celeste’s condition when it comes to Finn. And lo and behold I was right. Although that said, it didn’t make the surprise factor any less. I’m still shocked, you know.

I liked this book (ok, I said that already) don’t taken aback when you see self-pub books because some of the gems are from that part of the industry. Just like this book, it was great!

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