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Author: Jana Oliver Series: (The Demon Trappers #4) Published: August...

Author: Jana Oliver
Series: (The Demon Trappers #4)
Published: August 2nd 2012
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
Categories: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

I felt the series has just started only to realize that it is the final book. Foretold is an amazing way to end an equally amazing series. And just like the other last books I read before, it’s another bittersweet moment for me.  I wanted to cry when I turned the page and saw the acknowledgement page; it took me a while before it finally sinks in. It ended. This truly is the last book. Riley and Beck’s journey has now ended. Is it wrong if I wish there’s more? I’m greedy like that. 😉

Riley finally realized it—she’s in love with Beck. She thought things will change between them, but she thought wrong. Beck pushed her away, again. Beck was scared that if Riley found out the truth of his life he left in Sadlersville she will eventually leave. He already has enough heartbreaks and he doesn’t want to risk it. But he needed to face the demons he left behind. He needs to clear his name so he can move forward. He (with Riley) returned after many years to his hometown for his mother. Riley saw how people talked about him, and she was more surprised when she firsthand saw how cold her mother treated him. Riley got to know more about him and how hard his life in that town. Even though people say bad things about him, she has faith in him. He has been good to her and now it’s time for her to help him out.

Things eventually cleared up. He finally untangled himself from that incident but things are just starting. He still doesn’t know how he’ll face Riley after she confessed to him. But before he makes a move, they have to kick another set of demon butts.  It seems that the war between heaven and hell is not yet over. And Riley, the girl he loves is not in possession of her soul.

I learned so much about Denver Beck here. If he truly exists I definitely will give him a hug for all the things he experienced with his mother. He did have a terrible mother. I would’ve wanted (because I wanted him to be really happy) if he met his father, because that’s one of the things he desire the most. It’s so maddening to know how his mother used the identity of his father to hurt Beck. But Sadie (his mom) did redeem herself and I kinda forgave her (well…just kinda). But if you love Beck before, you will really love him even more, because there’s definitely more to backwoods boy than meets the eye.

Here we thought that the kiss they shared in Forgiven will solidify their relationship. But it didn’t, at the end of book three, Beck pushed her again. But Beck got it wrong, she didn’t leave his side, she embraced his past and has huge belief in him. And she loves him. And I wanted to cry again because they finally sort things out. There were so many times I had pulled my hair out of annoyance because of how stubborn these two were. But when things smoothen, aaaah it so good. They both tried to make it work. There were instances that they almost let go. But they didn’t (thanks goodness). And this one, gosh I love me backwoods boy:

“No, pushin’ me away is not the answer. What we have is more than for when things are goin’ right. It’s forever, Riley.” – Beck

That made me smile. They have each other and it so good for them. And what I like about it that, sure, they’re together but these characters didn’t change to lovesick couple. But they do change, they matured and that’s what great about this series, the characters have grown up.

But it’s not just about Beck and his past. And it’s not only about Beck & Riley. There’s also another round of fallen, demon slaying like the ones in the first three books. If you enjoyed that stuff, you’ll still get a dose of that…and probably more.

We know how endings are: some are sad, some are happy. And glad to say this one’s happy. Life indeed for them had come full circle. I’m gonna miss them! Riley! Beck!!

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