When I watched Shingeki no Kyojin, the otaku me was still half asleep. While I massively spazzed over Levi, Eren and the others, I wasn’t completely awake to go back around watching and reading old series. But with the help of the couple of new ones, I have the strong desire to revisit old favorites. And you know what, it turns out they are favorites for a reason.

So Kishimoto was doing something so nice for the naruhina shippers (and I’m included in this bunch). I just watched to see the fuss around the then newest episode. Oh my gosh, I flailed like a dorky fangirl because the moment was priceless, emotional and epic shipper’s delight moment that was etched forever in my heart. And the surprise didn’t stop there, the cover of volume 64 was icing on the cake. Ok, so maybe it was the shipping moment that started it all but it was thanks to it that I started to get reacquainted to the story itself. I’m not entirely sulking over Sasuke’s slight transformation (he’s still the bane of my existence) but he was bearable… to some minor extent.

Then of course I need to watch One Piece. I stopped reading it when they arrived in Punk Hazard (so I’m not really that far). But I stopped watching it post-Marineford/Paramount War arc (GAAAAH, reliving Ace’s moment. And I’m still bawling like a baby! *cries*) so I have lots of catching up to do. I was totally amazed how the animators expanded the reunion scenes to couple of episode. Talk about stretch (no pun intended). But overall, Luffy’s maturation is evident. And his Haki? Show ‘em who will be the Pirate King!