Personal / It's that time again; new years means new things to look forward to!

I feel more accomplished despite not completely checking the things off of my list. I’m still very pleased that I actually made huge decisions and actually acted on them.  I always on the plan side, day dream about it that will get me excited but when the time it actually matters, I chicken out. But I swallowed my hugest fears. I’ve realized that failure to do it is worst than the actual failure of doing it. So when about to cower in fear, I just say the same mantra as Sakura “,” ‘cos God’s guiding me. I managed to face 2018 with smile on my face.  It really matters that you, yourself are willing to do it. It’s kinda scary (mostly still true for me) but I learned to face it now (nervously—but that’s fine). Wondering is scarier than the actual thing.

We really didn’t need to start our goals and resolutions on the first month of the year. I truly agree with that. But personally, there’s something about fresh perspective accompanied by the new year that motivates me to do so. And with that being said, I’m sharing you once again my  goals, resolutions and challenges for 2019. I’m still want to tick off some the things that I haven’t done in this list but I learned that listing down very specific goals is actually better than generalizing (like when I said before that “I want to be friendlier“…but I think it’s better if I said, “I want one new friend this year” instead—simple and direct to the point). So that’s my objective right now.  Remember, you and I can start tomorrow or next week! And we can do it anytime of the year! But don’t always count on being ready, sometimes life ask us to submit to spontaneity and bravery!

Read your bible + pray everyday!

1. Read the whole Bible – I changed my Bible/devotion app midway (and I prefer this one better than the last one I installed) but I think it’s still not sufficient. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible from front to back, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t done that ever. So yeah, I have my daily schedule ready and I will try to read the Bible this 2019!

2. Be Wise Spender – my late father used to applaud me with my spending habits. I’m very frugal when it matters. Yet I still manage to use up my savings. I want to change that. I want to be wise at spending but at the same time not depriving myself of what I need.

3. Be Diligent when writing my journal – I tried for many years and while I didn’t successfully fill up my two journals this year, I’m still proud to say that I finally wrote on my diary. Not just in January but sporadically throughout the year! So the only addition that I want next years is for me to be more efficient. I’m not promising myself daily but sure hope more often than I did this year.

4. Try Illustration or Art Again – I used to love to draw. I think I still have it ‘cos every time I helped out my little niece with homework, she always says that my art is pretty good (or is it because I’m her aunt ) but regardless I want to practice art. I have lots of sketch pad wasting away so it’s time to utilize it.

Let’s get physical, physical~

5. Has semblance of an active lifestyle (AKA exercise) or learn mediation/yoga) – Didn’t I say I want healthier lifestyle. I got to do that. I eat on time, sleep on time (well, I got some problems with it last month but went to the doctor and I’m getting enough sleep now). But I want to exercise. Not hitting the gym and hardcore flexing muscles (I’m very satisfied with my weight now). Just daily running or simple exercise. And yoga, my anxiety messes up my day/weeks when it hits me so I want to learn to work on these issues and calm mind is what I need.

6. Learn Photography – I realized now (after months of photography struggle) that it’s not always about the equipment (although that helps too) but I need the set of skills to use them. So I want to learn how to take nice photos. And it’s not only for blog but for other things. In this digital era, we can capture every precious moment and I want to do that more elegantly.

7. Visit Japan again or visit some of my bucket-list countries – Of course travel! I promised myself to travel one country per year! And this 2018 I managed to visit Japan! But next year, if God wills it, I want to travel two countries—praying that one of them will be Japan again! I just need to go back there.

Clean and minimalist workspace

8. Renovate my Workspace – my workspace is chaotic mess that I haven’t organized since I don’t know when. Even our bookshelf looks like it has faced strong sandstorm in the middle of the desert or precisely dust-storm with all the dust (I’m sorry my precious books ) so I feel like doing something to rectify that. I want to prettify my workspace! So once I saved enough money and have time, I will renovate my workspace for sure!

9. More “Me” Time – I always said in the past that I wanted to be more outgoing but that’s a complete contrast of my personality. Now I’m embracing my alone time better. And this upcoming year, I want to try more of self-improvement by spending more time for me. I am single and I’m very much happy!

10. Avoid procrastinating – I sure tried so hard not to procrastinate but sometimes I have slips up so I want to be more time efficient. I want to use my time wisely. I always put thing on the back-burner but I should try working on it, right here and right now! I realized that the sooner I do things the faster I can finish.  Such simple concept that I can’t believe I missed it all the time. So yeah, do now if I can!