I’m not sure how to assess my 2019 goals. There wasn’t a lack of trying although I wouldn’t say it was failure but I don’t consider it 100% success. 🙃 Sure, I’m almost done reading the entire Bible (props to me, guys!),I did save some, illustration practice was little shaky but I’m working when I have time (which I don’t have that much nowadays). But there are few that still need some work to do! But yeah, they’ll be part of my 2020 list. 😝 The thing is I’m still keen on trying even though the year is about to end. I think I shouldn’t give up just because I didn’t meet my deadline. As long as I want to do it I still will!

But there’s really something about the new year that makes you pump up! 💪 The sense of fresh year makes us all positive about our goals. It’s why we make resolutions every time the new year approaches! The sound of “new beginning” is so inviting and you just want to try! And oh boy, do I love making list! So yeah here’s to working these lists out; and before I get sidetracked again, ✨ here are my goals, challenges and resolutions for the new decade!

Let’s do this Journal + Bible study!

1. Daily Bible Lesson – with almost done reading the Bible, I wish to still do something related to it. I did list it before but never actively try it. I once wanted to incorporate it in my daily journal but sadly that didn’t pan out! But I’ll make sure to do my journal religiously as well as my daily Bible lesson I want to incorporate it with!

2. Finish my Workspace Renovation – I’ve gotten busy and finances have different priority so my workspace looks half abandoned, with painting and shelves still need to add. But once I have time and money to spare, definitely want to finish my workspace!

3. Create my own Newsletter – I don’t know why I want to do this, it’s not like I’m popular enough to get subscribers. But I want to share my reads and recommendations. 💖 And some fandom content outside of my blog! I think I’m starting to mold this blog to a more personal one so yeah, maybe I’ll do this? Like a quarterly thing, who knows? Let’s see! 👀

4. Redesign Faiery for my 10th Year Anniversary – woot! My blog is turning 10 years old! 💻 And I want to commemorate it with redesign. I still love this one! I let you know that even if I’m busy but hated the design I will make time whatever happens to overhaul. But that didn’t happen here (like my gray + pink combo design I did for Aeropapers circa 2011-ish to 2013) but I want something fresh for my 10th Year! So I’m carefully designing…making sure everything’s fancy and loveable to my eyes! Excited for this one!

5. Investing on new tech! Maybe a new camera, a desktop, or laptop?? – I’ve decided to turn my old laptop to Chromebook and it’s so fast!! My laptop is only my backup, I rarely do stuff there only for quick work. Sometimes I boot up it up for blogging but because my Adobe subscription is on my desktop, I still do stuff there! But my desktop is aging so I’m thinking of maybe buying a new CPU (since parts are pristine and some are brand new). But maybe I want a camera…so many things I want of but first moolah!

New Year, New Tech??

6. Continue on my Illustration – I’m still experimenting my style! 🎨 My illustration will be up on my portfolio which I also plan to tweak (and maybe buy a domain name). I’m excited for this one as well!

7. Polish my Online Portfolio – as I said ⤴ it’s on my to-do list for the longest time! No plan to re-haul but definitely re-arranging some stuff here and there!

8. Maybe an additional piercing?? – I want to have another piercing maybe on my left ear lobe! I got my piercing when I was 12? So I’m not sure how brave I am to get one now that I forgot how it felt like…but sorta want one so…yeah, another “let’s see what happens” kind of wishlist!

Japan trip 2.0 when??

9. Go back to Japan (or maybe South Korea) – ah damn, we run into visa problem so our Japan trip ⛩ that supposedly will happen next month was postponed (we already bought tickets y’all! 😭) But I want to go back! If that can’t happen soon maybe South Korea! 🇰🇷 I gotta get my hands of my print version of my favorite webtoons! 😍 Me wants so badly!!

10. Work on my goals, challenges & resolutions of Previous Years – like I said, not giving up just because the year’s about to be over! I want to work on those things I am still determined to do! It’s worth trying regardless of the year! Better late than giving up, I say!

Let’s give credits where it’s due: Photo banner is a from Haute Stock and the rest are by Sincerely Media, Dan Gold, Jase Bloor on Unsplash respectively. Thank you!