All in all, 2020 in terms of my goals, challenges & resolutions were pretty OK-ish. I’m giving it a passing grade regardless. Yes, as I said in this mid-year check that some were not really doable because of the pandemic, but I was able to do some so I think that counts? Biggest lesson learned this year (it has more weight now) every milestone I did this year I cherished it because our situation made me appreciate the little things more than ever. And as we greet the coming new year (with bit??? more anxiety than how I normal do when the year changes) I take this lesson to heart! I celebrate those small milestones!

I’m carrying this attitude to 2021! I thinkβ€”even though I said I’m super anxious (Γ—2)β€”I still want, er try, to welcome 2021 with calmness. I want to be more simpler this year, more grateful and less ambitious…well, not gonna lie down like a rock in standstill but more on “don’t look too faraway in the future & stop looking back in the past with regrets.” I cherish the now, the today, the present! That’s my mantra for 2021, that accompanied with some new goals, challenges, and resolutions.

1.Daily Bible Logs β€’ admittedly I slacked this year; what I’ve been doing consistently in the past years I totally ignored it this year. I have to admit it first before asking myself improvement. But I don’t wanna be ambitious, I want it to be approachable, something I can do it on daily basis…or at least frequently. It is why I have separate planners for my private/personal life and online activities.

2. Learn to trust God more β€’ it’s not like I’ve forsaken my faith but I guess the anxiety brought by the pandemic have little bit shaken my beliefs, but if I reassess the situation, I’m actually blessed still. I just need to look more on the positive things and don’t allow thoughts that will make me uncertain of my faith ever again.

3. Keep my planners more updated β€’ I was pretty much on and off with my journal. Sometimes I cheated by copying my monthly entries here on blog then I transferred it to my journal monthly spread. It’s why I’ve decided to halt doing journal in 2021 and just do my planners because jotting things down is so much easier than trying to prettify my journal spread then hated it when it didn’t look perfect as I imagined it to be! It’s the reason why I sometimes unmotivated to keep it up! Planners sound more up to my alley anyways.

4.Be Kinder to myself β€’ I felt like I’ve neglected myself and focused more on other things. I was also depriving myself of things I wanted because of my responsibilities. But I want to make myself happy. I don’t wanna force anyone anymore to understand me and why I do what I do. I’ll be kinder and generous to myself!

5. Try to exercise at least 10 minutes/day β€’ I want to be more fit, I’m actually petite so people be like why do I need to exercise? But I need to stretch these muscles and joints, I’m not exercising to lose weight (and that’s not the only reason why people need to exercise! everyone should to!) but I wanna be fit especially I’m on my way to my mid-thirties! These grandma joints need some workout!

6. Be more grateful β€’ the pandemic really taken a huge brunt on us! But despite the situation, I have come to appreciate the little things in life. There are still so much things that I have to be thankful for! For once, everyone in my family is healthy, including my 92 years old grandma! I still have my job, we still have food on our table, there are so much more. I pray for people that are affected that may overcome this situation soon. I pray that we can go back to better lives!

7. Give some time to learn something new β€’ I don’t know what “new” means here, but I wanna learn something new! I sometime spent time to continue to learn on things I pursuing like my digital arts, my language lessons! I just love the idea of learning. Sometimes I’m helping my niece’s modules so I ended reading things, and it’s actually refreshing to (re)learn stuff! Learning is such an amazing thing!

8. Be more open to opportunities β€’ being an anxious-ridden person that I am, sometimes I missed opportunities in the past because of fear! But I wanna try my chance when it comes. There is certain project that I wanna do and I hope I’ll be brave enough to try my luck!

9. Keep my blogging more consistent β€’ I was on and off with my blogging this year. But it wasn’t the most inspiring year for me. The only consistent I did blogging wise were my monthly wrap-ups, that was because it was much easier to write since I only typing down what I jotted on my notes! But I wanna go back to the swing of things! So here’s to trying!

10. Be more financial conscious β€’ sure, I’ve saved more this year compare to last few years, maybe because we weren’t allowed to go out, so no more personal dates (like going out on my own, eating, watching movies) so I got to save some. Also, I learned to budget more strictly this year. But I want to saveΒ  but at the same time not deprive myself! So I hope to learn to manage my finances more wisely this 2021!