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Title: Goliath Author: Scott Westerfeld Series: (Leviathan #3) Published: September...

Title: Goliath
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Series: (Leviathan #3)
Published: September 20th 2011 by Simon Pulse

Ok, guys let’s give Mr. Westerfeld a big round of applause for a stellar ending for his amazing series. Goliath delivered everything I hoped the book would be! I couldn’t be much happier with the result! I do have mixed feelings, I’m happy that the book ended in a happier note, but at same time sad that the adventures of Deryn and Alek in a rich steampunk alternate universe had now ended. Oh gosh, I’m gonna miss these two! And Bovril, how could I forget this one, I’m still hearing this little guy saying ‘Mr. Sharp!’

There are things I’ve been looking forward as the series wrap up. One, I wanted to know how the war will end, particularly the effect of it to Alek’s future. Two, well, Alek’s future, will he or will not take the throne? And finally, the one million dollar question, how Alek will know Deryn’s true identity. So, did my questions have been answered now that I got the chance to finish it? It’s a yes, and a no. YES, because it did answer my questions, and NO, because the ending was a bit different than I expected. It wasn’t as solid as I wish it would be. But I’m not really complaining about it. In hindsight, I actually preferred the ending and wouldn’t want it any other way.

For me to like the series this much, says a lot about this book’s charm. I really don’t like history, and this series had tons of historical elements. But the author is pure genius, how he put these elements together is rich, vibrant and highly enjoyable. Plus the amazing illustrations by Keith Thompson help me savor this book at its finest. Another thing that I’ve been excited to know is their visit to Japan. I’m kinda disappointed (just tiny bit though) that they didn’t stay that long. But as a consolation, they visit a few more cities before they their last stop, which in New York. Man oh man, Alek did a big decision there! Never imagined he’ll choose that path. As in never.

We all know that Alek will eventually know Deryn’s secret. I have already this cliché scenario in my head. But Westerfeld outsmart me, I mean I never would have thought that. I really liked it actually. What excites me the most about this part, besides the how of the revealing, was the reaction of these two after that. Well? That was the fun part. It was a smart play of things. A large part of the book is about the two of them working things out now that the truth is out in the open. I liked that Alek and Deryn remained consistent with their characters. Frankly, I was little apprehensive that it’ll change them. I’m glad they’re still the characters I learned to love, but relationship-wise, something did stir up after that. 😉

Well, I did say I liked the ending. But I got two words for you! BARKING SPIDERS! With that, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

I still can’t believe it. It ended. *cries* Goliath toppled my expectations to the ground. I loved it!! Steampunk goodness, luscious historical ideas and amazing characters all in one incredible series! And for that I’d like to thank to Scott Westerfeld and Keith Thompson for an amazing journey. What are you waiting for? If you loved and enjoyed the first two books – grab a copy and read this one now!