Title: Good Oil
Author: Laura Buzo
Pages: 283

I’m disturbingly craving for chick lit. So when I saw the book cover, it literally shouting to me chick lit in bold capital letters. Plus, when I read the summary I was intrigue, so I decided to try it out.

Amelia Hayes works in a grocery store and she has a huge crush to her trainer and co worker, Chris. But the thing is he is way too old for her. She is fifteen and he is twenty one… that’s a six years gap. He even calls her youngster, making their age gap more apparent to her. But she didn’t dwell too much to that fact and also, he seems to like her and her opinions. And to make her little chance for his heart worst, he likes another girl, and still hooked up with his first love. With all these things hindering to what she hopes is a romance between Chris and her; will Chris look her the way she wanted?

To answer my question in the summary above… well… sadly, no. They didn’t end up together. But let me segue first, do you know the song Don’t Cry Joni by Conway Twitty and Joni Lee Jenkins? I think most people know it as Jimmy Please Say You’ll Wait For Me, which I actually thought at first was the title. Anyways, when I read the summary this first thing that came to my mind is this song. I love this song, it so… bittersweet. And I think minus the ending, this is also what the story is all about. In the song Jimmy was twenty two, Chris here is twenty one. And both Amelia and Joni are fifteen. I remember telling my father who is responsible why I’m actually listening to these songs (they are lovely, sometimes listening to it are refreshing) why I love this song, he didn’t know there’s story on the song itself. Ok, as I was saying (sorry for digressing) both the book has the same theme – age gap. Do age matters? For me, sometimes. And I think it was gentleman of Chris to let her go and not use her feelings for him. He might like her in a certain level but he didn’t take advantage of it. On the other hand, I feel sorry for Amelia, she likes him but she is just way too young. You’ll never know what she might feel for him isn’t exactly what she thought it was. Or they’ll never know that maybe some time, in the future they are still meant for each other. I like that the author made the conclusion of making each other let go. Like they said, life doesn’t always a happy ending… especially on complicated things like love.

This is an Aussie book, and this is my first… I think. I’m so use to all the cliché and whatnots in American culture… now, I suppose. So, I was… culture shock? Maybe that’s it. There are things I don’t get, like “what’s funny about that?” Those moments. But overall, it was a good book. Don’t worry if you think Amelia was gooey eye and immature who blazes the book of her crush to Chris. Dude, it’s not. Thankfully, she was mature for her age but at the same time still a child. I can’t explain, but she is a likeable.

I did say it was good but I still am having a hard time giving it four stars (or even 3.5). Actually, even though I like the chick lit, I still deny it of much higher rating. It was good but will I recommend it? Perhaps, to people who also like these books. Will I read it in the future? Maybe not. But I was in this moment when I out of the blue yearn for some slice of life in my literary passion… some break, and this book is one of the good ones.