Hi, dear self you have managed to post 1000 blog entries! Yes, this is your 1000th blog post! *cue starts talking normally again* I don’t know why I decided to spare a brief moment to party over this milestone, but I feel like it’s something worth doing. Last year, I was working on my goal to achieve my 1000th post, hopefully before the year ends (2016)! Turned out I can actually do it with even a month to spare! So YASSSS!!!

But in all seriousness, I’m quite happy to learn that I have this something I’m so passionate about, even with my glaring lack of skills on some aspects, it didn’t deter me to pursue something I truly enjoy! It’s kinda crazy that I was hesitant to start blogging, or rather conflicted to open a book blog. All these funny but warranted thoughts came to my mind “can I do it?” “Isn’t this just one time thing?” I was in sort of limbo, thinking what to do with an open-for-the-world-to-read blog (because I’d always been a closet or personal blogger). But I worked out my issues up and just dive into it! And 1000th post later still loving it! I know that my posts aren’t always of quality! And I don’t mind, I always think of me first! It’s like a “my blog, my way” sort of chant. If I let these negatives consume me then I would’ve been frustrated in an effort to keep up. I would’ve quit! Admittedly it is a selfish thing to say but it is good motivator for me!

To me, my 1000th post says so much about my journey. I know I’ve said tons already but it still feels like I have lots to say!  My interest changed. My style deviated from my original objective but I think the soul of my purpose, or my rationale remained consistent. And that is what so good about it. Honestly, last year I almost thought of scrapping everything and start again, but I held to my brain’s allegorical breaks tightly! Nope, why would I do that? I let you know that I’m type of person who holds on something I consider important. It’s like how I still keep the letters of my friends in high school and college buddies tucked in sealed box. They were part of my life and clear piece of my teen hood. And so, just like those letters I kept all my blog entries because it’s a statement—those are testimonies that I have been keeping up and trying my best!

This 1000th post also my validation of how how much I try! I’m usually a quitter! I’m wishy-washy! I’m spineless! I don’t stick to things—most of the time! But I remain consistent; will try to remain consistent because I’ve learned through blogging that if I love what I do, I’ll work hard for it. I’ll continue doing it! In essence, there’s a lot of learning to digest. Still many more to come! The way I treat my blog perhaps a bit different, maybe has melodramatic shit going on, but that’s how I groove! And I don’t think it’s bad or something, I mean look I still love this thing!

My first entry was 6 years ago! Took me six years you know! That’s looong!!! But it makes me smile, I mean it’s an accomplishment regardless. It’s a milestone and also a reward. Yep, I’m may come off as an old timer now but still none wiser! But I’m excited to evolve along with my blog, with my writing, with this niche— even with the mix of my new & old interests! This 1000th blog entry reminds me that I’m open to possibilities! To reach this I should always welcome changes! So 1000+ blog entries I’m so ready! *pushes sleeves* Yosh~!!!

PS: the title is homage to Boku no Hero Academia’s 99th chapter. Just did a little alteration to fit the topic! 999 < 3 digits then 1000 < 4 digits just in case you’re confused!