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Author: R.L. LaFevers Series: (His Fair Assassin #1) Published: April...

Author: R.L. LaFevers
Series: (His Fair Assassin #1)
Published: April 3rd 2012 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

I knew there’s something strange with this book. Strange because I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction (but that’s starting to change) but I wanted to read it. And that’s weird for me. Plus, the idea of an assassin and not just ordinary assassin, a female—a nun! I know I have to pick this one up.

Grave Mercy was so different from what I have in mind. I’m not exactly sold with just the idea of an assassin nun. Honestly, I’m more interested with her target that stolen her heart. So she’s an assassin, and she’s a nun and she will fall in love with a guy? That’s wrong in many levels and I have this feeling like I’m about bite the forbidden fruit. Yes, I’m here for the romance. Give me the lovin! Me wants it!

But I didn’t get the loving that easily. The start was quite dawdling, a lot of things that I think was important were given spotlight first but somehow I’m not quite there. I’m not really that interested. I was anxiously waiting; but little did I know I have already met the guy. Only halfway through that my brain finally kicks in, that Gavriel Duval was the guy the summary was talking about it. Honestly, he didn’t leave a big impression at the start only till things started to roll when I finally noticed his character. From then on I always wanted to read more of him and of course his exchanges with Ismae.

I know and pretty sure to be exact that Ismae is going to be a strong willed woman (needless to say, I’m right). She’s an assassin, what else can I expect? But I’m glad there’s something more to her than her knives, poisons and some sort of string blade. Even though she’s an assassin the manner (the way it was describe) of her killing is less ruthless than what I imagined it’d be. Perhaps, that’s a good thing. Like I said I’m here for the romance.

And the romance was…delectable? I was completely dumbfounded when I didn’t realize it was them. How slow can I be, huh? I was impatiently waiting because at the start I don’t see anything sparkling between them. Usually I’m good at this sort of stuff. But not this time I guess. She even suspected that he wanted her killed. He doubted why she was the one sent by the convent. I didn’t see any sign. Dense, aren’t I? But when things are starting to get serious (I didn’t dwell too much on political blabbering) and she was posing as Gavriel’s mistress that I finally saw the light. So I was really worried about Gavriel at last few chapters, I thought he was going to… good thing that he is… (I’ll let you draw your own conclusion).

You don’t know how disappointed I was when I saw that the second book and found out that is not about them anymore. Here I am, asking why? How could you! There’s more to it. I’m sure there’s more. But my fate is sealed. Le sigh. And now I’m just hoping for a cameo appearance. You can grant me that, no?

I’m not sure if I’m going to read the sequel. Can someone tell me why is not about Gavriel and Ismae…*sobs*

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