Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii made another rec list for you to devour! You’re welcome!

So get your pen and paper ready because it’s another great rec post from moi again! Ah~ I loved giving recs! I love shoving beautiful pieces of different literary forms in people faces! And the satisfaction I get when people said they liked— loved even, on the things I rec is so blissful! I’ve done too many shoujo/ josei recs to count! And I’m still preparing for my great shonen one (yeah, get ready for that one!) but let’s go to another country, this time South Korea and their fast emerging web comic industry! So in the tradition of rainyink’s great rec post, here are my fave webtoons to date! 5

I told you before that I’ve fallen deep for web comics, or more popularly known as webtoons. As suggested, this series are web based releases! The format is different, unlike regular comics that you read page by page. Webtoon’s layout is vertical, to accommodate for mobile users! It’s one page per chapter but that is because you have to scroll down continuously until you reached the end. I’d say it’s best to read when you’re out with free time and you have your phone with you; since it’s a guarantee quick and entertaining way to pass time!

What I loved about entertainment in South Korea in my observation, they are very open to international consumers. Like their music industry for instance, I have never encountered a music video that is block to my country. They have accessible alternatives which I really liked! They come out ways to cater overseas fans and this is what I loved about it! 2 Sometimes you get them for free, in this case the webtoons!

Yep, I’m not pulling my finger here, some webtoons I’m following are not just officially translated in English but they are 100% legally free! Aren’t they nice! My favorite genre is still romance. Btw, webtoons or web comics are not limited to SK, there are even Japanese too (ReLIFE is from comico, a popular web comic & even has an anime, though no ‘official’ translation is available!). But I’ll limit this from SK! (so I have an excuse to make another rec post! LOL –and yes, I followed few series in comico, too! And yeah, I’m way too deep! 11)


my beautiful world


Cheese in the Trap
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) Webtoons (English)
Price: Free!
Why: BECAUSE IT SO AWESOME AND BAEK IN HO-SSSHI IS THERE SO YOU GOTTA READ IT. LIKE RIGHT NOW! No seriously, it’s pretty awesome! I love the whole realistic approach to relationship and college life! It’s more character driven than romance which is A+ for me! I’m pondering on creating a separate post for it because as you know I can’t stop gushing about Cheese in the Trap in people’s faces!
My Beautiful World
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Magical Realism
Official Distributor: Daum (Korean) Spottoon (English)
Price: some chapters are free (free chapters are on rotation), some are paid!
Why: So light, so fluff and oh so romantic! It has some magical realism element to it but the girl is sweet, the guy is awesome and I just can’t help fall in love with it! I reread, reread and reread this series plenty of times already and I still swoon over the cute couple every freaking time! Aaaah~ love! What a fantastic feeling!!! >//<
Genre: Action, Urban Fantasy
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) Webtoons (English)
Price: Free!
Why: Who haven’t heard of Noblesse, like seriously, who doesn’t? Even if I’m not into webtoons before this title is all over the place. One of I think flagship of the whole webtoons market! But can say why it’s pretty popular! It’s freaking awesome! Love the new take on vampires. No one is sucking of blood, just you know full of hard core battles and you know me I love some action on my reading list, too! When I read it last week it already has 400+ chapters but I blazed through it! And yes, I crave for more! Gaaah~ so awesome!!!

orange marmalade

something about us

moon rises in the day

Orange Marmalade
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Fantasy
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) Webtoons (English)
Price: Free!
Why: I love the whole vampirism taken as political slash dramatic aspect rather than creativity or fantasy genre. The guy was kinda stalkerish for while (and no, he’s no Edward Cullen, he’s human) but the hurdle their relationship has to conquer is big! And I might like the second guy. But what’s new?!
Something About Us!
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Official Distributor: Lezhin (Korean) Lezhin (English)
Price: some chapters are free, some are paid!
Why: Ah, friend-zone! Nothing like crushing hard with your best friend and that said friend oblivious to it! It’s very light romance drama that fans of CitT or My Beautiful World or Korean dramas in general will definitely dig in!
The Moon that Rises in the Day
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) NA (English)
Price: Free!
Why: Because it’s pretty amazing and has such interesting elements: you got some romance, mystery, historical fiction, did I say mystery? Yep, the MC girl was the reincarnation of this lady from ancient Korea. Too bad for her even with her continuous lives, her husband is gung-ho on killing her. But can he really do it? Was it really her who’d killed him????? So, so intriguing! (Doha-ssi is my man, OK!!! My man!!!) This hands down my fave webtoons right now (CiTT comes next!!! Oh wait I loved My Beautiful World equally too!!! Ahhh~ *pulls hair*)

ultimate outcast

wind breaker

winter woods

Ultimate Outcast
Genre: Action, Mature, Martial Arts, Mature
Official Distributor: Lezhin (English) Lezhin (Korean)
Price: some chapters are free, some are paid!
Why? Because is badass, that’s why!!! No in all seriousness, I’m having great withdrawal for the The Breaker series (author-ssi please stop Trinity Wonder & let’s do the third season already!) and I need some Modern Korean Martial Arts to satisfy the need! And this satiates the thirst pretty well! (PS: some disturbing scenes at the beginning just a warning though!)
Wind Breaker
Genre: Slice of Life, Action, Sports, Romance
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) Webtoons (English)
Price: Free!
Why: Sports! You know sports! Haha, now you get it! *wiggles eyebrows* The MC (Jay) was kinda snob, brooding type but dudesss when he handles his bicycle he’s a freaking beast! If Initial D and Yowamushi Pedal have a love child, this is it! I love the whole gang (Hummingbird!!!) & the comedy is spot on! And some guys are just freaking eye-candies~ *coughs* Vinny *coughs* Woops! Haha, but for sports fanatic out there, you gotta try this out!
Winter Woods
Genre: Romance, Magical Realism
Official Distributor: Naver (Korean) Webtoons (English)
Price: Free!
Why: It’s a very interesting take to Frankenstein kinda theme. Patched up guy made by an alchemist and the woman who gradually made this man into emotional and genuine human being! But the bad guys still lurk in the dark! Overall fascinating!

There are few series I really, really love, consider them as my top faves! (I also like Untouchable, Siren’s Lament (< not sure if this is Korean though) Que Sera Sera and DICE! But save them some other time, yes? If you haven’t tried reading webtoons, test these titles out!

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