Hitting the mid-30s soon makes me sweat buckets! 💦💦💦 But I’m not about to lament how I’m getting older 👵 faster than the response to this pandemic (oopsie?) anyhoo, I already felt grandma old since I was in my mid to late twenties but my 30s feel more stable than my chaotic young adult life. In fact, my hobbies and interest has stabilize now that I’m older…and I guess, wiser?

I’m watching anime since…I knew about TV? so maybe all my life? I remember my oldest sister anticipating her favorite anime called “Candy Candy” in the early 90s—which I think introduced me to the colorful world of anime and cartoons. Being a kid then, seeing different personalities, vibrant atmosphere, and colorful fantasy world opened my eyes to fiction. And here I am still in it strongly—and in true form of escapism.

During childhood and teenage-hood, I was so obsessed with anime. I didn’t read books or even manga/graphic novels. I mentioned this many times, I was a loser person who hated TL:DRs, which books or anything that I had to “read” belong to. It felt too academic (oh boy I was wrong). But fast forward to my first foray to adulting; life was hard and confusing and slowly anime didn’t seem to be as interesting as before. So I opened a book and I’d never look back…until anime brought me back again.

Now in my 30s, I think I maintained that huge amount of interest in my hobbies and passions in life much steadier, albeit in different and sustainable form. Some even transitioned to major and important part of my life. Like web/graphic designs and development, I never imagined that my hobby would lead me to my career now. And I’m forever grateful. I am in love with it every single day.

Maybe, getting older means being more secure when it comes to a lot of things not only just my hobbies and interest now that I think about it.

Like designs, my interest with anime and books have led me to fall so hard to reading graphic novels. This is an amazing combination of my two previous huge loves: anime and books (not that I don’t love ’em anymore but defo not as huge like in the past). My intense love of reading remains the same, only in different medium now. I do occasionally—actually rarely—read books and I only commit to watching anime that I find interesting. But this major evolution to my interest before become steady part of my daily activity.

Of course, blogging! I mean, 10 years (and counting!) is a long time! I’m older and gone are the days that I kept popping new blog ideas without so much careful thought: whether it was long-term or not. Now, I’m into just pouring my guts and anything that I want to share under the sun; or simply I just want to infer meaning from my thoughts. Maybe, getting older means being more secure when it comes to a lot of things not only just my hobbies and interest now that I think about it.

I always dread getting older before because I thought there was an age limitation to things I love to do, but that’s not the case all along. And maybe they are right, maybe age is just a number and who to say that you can’t fangirl and feel youthful despite the age. There’s certainly perks now I’m an adult that is still hugely immersed in personal hobbies that started when I was younger. Staying in love for many years is sure an immeasurable feat!