Author: Cynthia Hand
Series: (Unearthly #2)
Published: January 17th 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers

Wow. What a ride. I’m on an emotional rollercoaster right now. I have to set aside my current book list for this one because I’m eagerly waiting for it to come out. I’m happy, sad, giddy, and surprised. I’m not sure which one is reigning, but I don’t mind the emotional turmoil because one thing’s for sure, I’m really satisfied with Hallowed.

Now, people were not exaggerating when they said that Ms. Hand outdid herself and came up with a sequel that fans of the first book will absolutely love. You know how tricky sequels can be, it’s a hit or miss opportunity. It’s either surpasses the former or ruin the story on the process. But what I really loved about this book is that not only it’s a wonderful continuation of Unearthly but the way she handles a plot device that some book completely failed to execute—love triangle.

Ah, you know how Unearthly end, right? One word, er, name—Christian. I know this is going to mess up Clara and Tucker’s relationship, now that we know Christian plays a big role to Clara’s life. He’s more than the forest fire victim slash high school hottie in the first book. Here we learned more about this guy, and hell, I was completely swooned. The problem was I’m a Tucker fan, the type who wears an I-heart-Tucker shirt. Nope, not kidding. So I was really confused why I end up liking him as well. More so, that in the end of this book I want him to have his chance with Clara. In some weird way, I’m kinda feel how it was to be in Clara’s shoes. And I don’t ever want in that position, so so complicated. Tucker’s a good guy, no doubt about that but when they were in a accident and met the black wing, I felt sorry for Tucker because he was so helpless there. And no, I’m not saying just because he isn’t the knight-in-shining-armor type (well, in that situation) that I find less. This is just one of those things they have to consider to make their relationship work. And for me it’s a major one. And don’t get me started with Christian.

But like I said, I understand why she tries to resist her…um, destiny (Christian). She doesn’t like to be a pawn in this sort of heavenly chess game. But this way of thinking that I find her feelings for Tucker less sincere. Whatever they have in book one—whatever chemistry they have in Unearthly sort of fizzled here. Honestly, it dampened my spirit. So overall, I like Clara’s decision in the end. I think it’s for the best.

Lot’s of major revelation here. And this is what I love about Ms. Hand’s books the most, she knows when to let go of information. If she held back some information in Unearthly it’s not that obvious. It is not the I’ll-tell-you-later kinda thing. There are thing that didn’t occur to me because I thought I knew it already. I never thought about Clara’s family, especially his dad. I didn’t think about Jeffery’s purpose until now. I’m surprised about Christian’s parents. But most of all, I never thought about Clara’s angel heritage until the big secret was out. There’s a lot in store for readers and I’m pretty sure there’s more when the last book comes out. So fasten your seat-belt because you’re in for a ride.

*** Not really OT: Speaking of Jeffrey, I have a hunch about him but I was surprised about his purpose. Not gonna spoil you, but when my sister and I were talking about Midas (since he was still alive, for the confused he’s Tucker’s horse) she sort of connected Jeffrey’s purpose and Midas, she smartly concluded why the horse is still alive. He couldn’t save the one he was supposed to save so he decided to go for the next one. It’s a funny conversation. But it could be true. Who knows? *winks*