In this special edition of rainyink ‘lil aniv bash, I decided to amuse myself and answer some “have you ever” questions (idea sparked while watching Ellen). And since it’s yours truly blogging anniversary I decided to center the questions about blogging.

Have you ever been jealous of other bloggers?

Beside that time when I boldly told everyone how I envy people who have great command of the English language? None that I can think of. Oh maybe that time when some bloggers had ARCs of Unravel Me. I confess I was green with envy because they were already reading the book I wanted so badly. So, so badly. I mean, normally I can wait, but that was the book I really, really desired to read big time!

But as in huge jealousy over other blogger’s accomplishment and whatnots. No, and seriously I’m not the jealous type tbqh. ;D

Have you ever had a fight with another blogger?

*laughs* While I was brainstorming for the questions, I was told that “have you ever” should be bold and risky, haha. So I thought of this one. Well, onto the question: nope. I’m not really the confrontational type (not really my personality); I value and respect someone’s opinion but with the expectation of returning the same favor. I think it is so easy to misunderstand someone, especially online where you can’t easily deduce the person’s tone/intention. But we need to be very careful of words we put out there.

Have you always been honest of your opinion (be it reviews, discussions, etc)?

Yes, of course, but like I said above I’m so careful of the words I throw out there (without sacrificing my honest thought of the subject). I know there’s a chance I might offend people of my words and that is always, always I try to avoid but I know it’s inevitable not to. If I know I’m wrong I’m brave enough to admit that. Knowing you’re wrong that’s not make you less of a person. I agree that apologizing for your mistakes takes courage; it sure does. I don’t like blowing things out of proportion.

But to me, the internet is too open that we forget to be responsible of our actions. I always think that we, ourselves should police our actions/words. Having a great platform such as the internet comes misuse. We should be responsible of our words.

Have you ever thought of quitting?

Nope, not yet. I have occasionally slumps here and there and I’m honest to even admit that to myself. I don’t expect myself to always be optimistic with blogging. I find that completely impossible. But for now I don’t see myself discontinuing. It becomes such an integral part of my life that even though I was tired from all of my day’s activities I make sure to still give my blog some TLC.

How about you, have you ever thought of these questions? What are your answers? Would you like to share it with me.