Title: Haven
Author: Kristi Cook
Pages: 416

I’m pretty much knew what the surprise this book had. My sister already read it and since yours truly isn’t exactly afraid of spoilers (on the contrary I seek them) confirmed to me what I know about this book. But let me introduce to you the story first.

Violet Mckenna was transferred to Winterhaven Academy after the death of her father. Little did she know that this academy is not only special for its academics — students here have paranormal talents; telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc. She was hesitant at first to believe in this supernatural stuff, but her experience told her otherwise. Because, she foresaw the death of her father, that she also possesses this gift.

While in Winterhaven, she met Aidan Gray, mysterious, aloof and of course good looking guy. This guy caught her attention and it seems she is to him. Ever since she met him, she has vision about him. Plus, they have undeniable connection. And even though they started seeing each other Aidan still hiding secrets from her. Until that one night when she saw him attacked a guy — that he is vampire.

Yep, at first when you read the summary you wouldn’t expect it to be a vampire book. Well, some reviews always left little information (though most of the time they labeled with caution, because not everybody like spoilers), not gonna blame them since you know it’s hard to review it properly without laying some facts. As I was saying, based on summary alone you wouldn’t figure it out that it is vampire book unless you actually read it. Like I said, I asked so I know what Aidan was. All left in me was the how-the-female-character-will-know, that’s intriguing part. Well, it was dismaying. It was…. I don’t know, anticlimactic? Let me elaborate it, so I quite know that it was that moment when Aiden will disclose it when… like to guess? No? Ok here — he decided to wear a costume of a vampire. I was like, seriously? He decided to wear a vampire costume, cape, fangs and all that and decided go berserk in the most convenient time (Halloween, no less). Um, what?! Why didn’t he add some neon headlights telling “I’m a vampire” that would be easy. It definitely killed the moment. I prefer the confrontation part, um, a little more… exciting?! Yes, more exciting please.

The book was actually quite long. Not entirely boring but some part are predictable, though far from being terrible. At least there are parts where I’m quite intrigue. Though I must say that the ending was concluded pretty quickly. Like the antagonist decided to show up in the final moments of the book. Which for me, felt like the author forgot about him then remembered and tried to squish him in the ending only to get rid of him rather easily. Ok, happily ever after, the end.

I don’t know if this is a stand alone book. But a lot of things weren’t much elaborated, like Aidan’s research, how was it? Violet’s sabbat nature. How about the academy, why is it run by vampires, and the new headmaster, why did she turned Aidan to a vampire… and other things. It was open ended and I think it’s has a potential to have sequel, though as I checked in goodreads the probability is really slim (probably no sequel at all). Well, it’s ok if it hasn’t. I wasn’t really devoured with the book so it’s fine with me. But for plot sake I hope some things weren’t left unanswered.