I’m not really the biggest shoujo fan. I know, it’s weird because when it comes to books, I always crave for romance but when it comes to anime/manga, I want the action type. I do ship couples in shounen manga. In fact I am more heavily invested with the couple in this genre. The scarcity of the romance makes it more fun to me. I know how masochistic can I be. But when it happens, it become more than what it was, dissecting the fine details, therefore every moment matters as opposed to dime a dozen moments.

But let’s go back to me shoujo mangas. I did read new shoujo mangas, three in fact. One of them was Private Prince 「プライベート・プリンス」by Enjouji Maki. The reason why I was intrigued was because the lead male character looked like Tamaki from Ouran. You know how I love the king (but I loved Kyouya more!!! *winks, winks*). It’s very short manga spanning 5 volumes only. And it has mature themes (and scenes). I think it is better labeled as josei rather than shoujo. It was ok, I did have fun reading it and at times funny especially how the prince likes girls with big…front assets.

Then from my sister’s recommendation as she knows how I love slow romantic development when it comes to shoujo, comes Last Game「ラストゲーム」by Shinobu Amano. I LOVE this series. It has that, my #1 requirement: slow development. Oh poor Yanagi, he fell for Kujou and her very naïve and clueless nature when it comes to love. They are now in college, which really surprised me at first (most shoujo setting is in high school) but sis said that it was supposed to be one shot. They are actually rivals in academics but Yanagi realized that he’s also competing for her heart. And eep, there might be a love triangle. And for someone, I’m rooting for Hinata-kun!!!! Aaaah, I’m torn between the two boys!

Lastly, I watched Sukitte Ii na yo 「好きっていいなよ。」by Kanae Hazuki . I did try reading this back in 2010…me thinks. But somehow it failed to capture me. I wanted a break from all the shonen series I’m watching right now (and wait for my very long post for HAIKYUU!!!) so I tried watching it. It only has 13 episodes so it was fast watch. I remembered that it has adult theme to it but the animation was surprisingly tamer. It does feel like Kimi no Todoke, with shy girl protag but KnT is way better. It was ok, kinda decent but not something impressive that I will try reading the manga.