What’s up with the waters of the shoujo world? There are so many titles that appeal to my taste. I’m big fan of subtle romance and very mellow pacing. You know, Kimi no Todoke style. So I’m so happy that I get to read these awesome titles. I already mentioned some of them and my last post was about Hiruka no Ryuusei which easily became one of my favorite. And now, I found a new one! It’s called Rere Hello (リリハロ) by Minami Touko serialized under Bessatsu Margaret (which also serializes series I also read like Ao Haru Ride, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, and Kimi no Todoke). Seriously Rere Hello makes me smile. It just too cute. I’m really invested.

842d408eb405a4579fd942968d3dd73dSo Rere Hello starts with girl and she met this nice guy. She thinks that it was refreshing to see someone helps others. It turns out that she will get to see him again as he was a customer of his father handyman business. But her dad got sick so she replaced him and there they meet. And well, the story, or should I say love story starts there.

I really like Minato, I thought he’ll have this pompous attitude (a la Mabuchi from AHR) but he wasn’t and I’m so grateful. Maybe he’s a bit indifferent with other things/people but he wasn’t the annoying type. I think he was the one I can confidently say that passed my standards. And he’s a bishie, the art is just too gorgeous and really clean. There’s not a lot going on but when a scene is executed, it really does the job.

More importantly, I liked how the love story is moving steadily. It’s not love at first sight. Riri-chan was sort of confused and she at first didn’t know if she what she feels is really love. In which I totally get and really appreciated. Like she said she hasn’t experienced it so she doesn’t know how to identify her feelings. And to me that sounds true. So I liked how she can now distinguish it between what she felt for Kubo before and what she’s feeling for Minato right now.

Now Minato think they are dating, however Riri is clueless of their status. Minato, boy, clarify your words next time. And it looks a new guy is on the horizon (I’m on chapter 17, hopefully is the latest one). Man, with Serina hovering with him (but clearly he wasn’t interested with her) and this classmate/club mate, I know things will bound to get more exciting. (despite that it sounds so cliché and complicated, the story isn’t playing around on that. Take it from, it was different!)

And did I say that they are attending different schools so that for me was a refreshing take.