Author: Kathleen Peacock
Series: (Hemlock #1)
Expected publication: May 8th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books

Ok, I’m on the fence. I think I spent good amount of time deciding how to rate it. 3? 3.5? But since it kept me all night (which means it was interesting enough to hold my attention), I’m gonna round it up to four. But then again I’m somewhat a fickle minded so I might change that. But not really that drastic.

Now, all things considered Hemlock is pretty average. Guilty of using the same plot devices present in other books. But unlike the other books that concentrates more on either the paranormal aspect or the love angle, this one has a problem where the story mostly revolves. Mackenzie’s best friend was killed by a werewolf. And her friend Amy is not just average person; she’s the granddaughter of a senator. This made her death a little controversial. Unlike in other books, people in this town (I guess, in this world) are aware of the existence of werewolves, they called it lupine syndrome. And they fear people infected by the virus.

Amy’s death left Mac, Kyle and Jason, her ex-boyfriend devastated. Especially Jason, who felt guilty of her death and want to avenge her by joining the trackers. This group is responsible for hunting down the werewolves. But Mac doesn’t like the group and she wanted Jason out of it. So she decided to dig around her best friend’s death. Turned out that her death was not what it seems. But that’s not only her problem. Kyle, has secrets too—that involved her. And the virus.

The mystery is what kept me all night. I wanted to know who killed Amy. If it really was done by a werewolf. I was irritated though with Amy popping around her head and doesn’t do much aside from annoying her (and well, me!). It wasn’t really hard to put two and two together though. I kinda know who did it (not really the person per se, the mastermind). So that kinda blows. But I liked that author opted to put something like Amy’s death as the starting point that made the rest fell into place. I liked the flow of the story. And was really grateful that the entire thing was resolved. Now I’m expecting more about the characters and syndrome itself.

I don’t know what to make of Mac. I don’t hate her, and she’s far from being a member of tstl but there were times she irritated me. I know she wanted to help and all that. But what comes from her mouth was different to how she acted. I hope next time she walks the talk. Kyle on the other hand was ok, I didn’t like that he pulled an Edward Cullen-in-New Moon stunt on me (he left, he freaking left!). I don’t know why he didn’t pursue her before (probably the friendship thing) and why risk it now with everything happening. Anyhoo, best friend angle is not really my thing. As for guy number two, I kinda read it from miles away that the reason why Jason broke up with Amy. I know this little love triangle will play out later. But Mac already decided who she loved but like I said before, sequels often than not are made for guy #2. So…you…know…Jason…could… 😉

Now with Amy’s murder is solved, I’m expecting more of the story. And like the book, I’m also on the fence with the two guys. Kyle? Jason? I think I need the sequel to make up my mind. 😛