Your advices in my confession were really helpful. I’d realized that (and maybe it’s an easy assumption on my part, if it is…sorry?) we are bound to hit a book slump every now and then. It’s not something completely inevitable. Sometimes like this is needed to break the monotony. Of course, I want to halt this slump. I want to start reading. I want to feel that enthusiasm of starting a book, finishing it and then reviewing it. I miss those moments. But I want to break my slump slowly. I don’t like to force myself but sipping just small amount will help me not to get overwhelmed (that might end up more problematic than where I already am). I also don’t like to start reading for the sake of blogging. I want to read because it gives me pleasure—that’s all the reason I need. The reason why.

So here is Operation: Rekindle (or Mitchii’s strategies to overcome her book slump—but this a long title and sound formal so I trashed that idea, LOL). And perhaps, if you’re in a book slump these will help you as well. In the entire month of August, I’ll try these things to get out of my bookish slump.

So here they are: (1) Read a favorite! (2) Read a sequel of a favorite. (3) Read highly anticipated book. (4) Read something similar to what I like.
Reread my favorites:

This is the advice I got from most of you. Rereading my favorite books might help me start reading again. But I have bit of problem: my perception of the book might change. I know, I already read it so where’s this coming from, you say? My mindset is quite different…these days. I don’t know if it really will affect but let’s see. (I’ll try to post the outcome of this little experiment of mine).

Read a sequel of my favorite starter book (of a series):

Two benefits if I go down this road: (1) I’ll finally tackle the books in my TBR. (2) Finally moved on with series. But! I’m still not motivated… *slaps herself* Ok, I’ll do it! I’ll try!

Indulge thy self:

I’ll try to read books that I highly anticipated before. Maybe it’ll help me to read again. While I may not be sure that I will like it, I still think I prefer reading something I have no knowledge of it and take what it’ll offer.

Read something similar?

Ok, my obsession right now is anime/manga, right? Mostly shounen series like Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida (dark fantasy, seinen series) and Haikyuu! by Haruichi Furudate (sports, shounen series). Maybe I’ll try books that have similarities to these. But where do I look? Especially if I don’t want a speck of romance in it (because I want to enjoy the plot, characters, as it is without the diversion of shipping a couple!)

 I’ll be posting if this is successful or not! Ok, here’s to reading again! :YAY: