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One of my favorite animation studios is BONES and one...


One of my favorite animation studios is BONES and one of my recent favorite seiyuus is 神谷 浩史, (Kamiya Hiroshi). So together in one project, of course my curiosity was piqued.

Noragami 「ノラガミ」 has the same vibe like those supernatural series I watched before. Honestly the first 2 or 3 episodes didn’t leave a great deal of impact on me (although this running joke about his sweaty palms and his unorthodox fashion sense cracked me up). I felt sorry for this minor god, Yato (the protagonist) and how he clinged to his bottle full of coins. His dream is to have his own temple and with all my heart wishes for this wish of his to become a reality one day.

The idea of the gods and shinki was cool but not entirely new to me. When my sister asked me what did I think of Noragami, I simply told her that it was like Kekkaishi and Soul Eater combined. And it wasn’t bad but it means I found it a little underwhelming, in terms of the idea. But the slight unoriginality (on my part) was compensated with great cast. I like Yato the best, and of course Hiyori and Yuki. I even like Kazuma, Bishamon’s shinki. So far there wasn’t a character that I don’t like.

While the anime intrigued me, it wasn’t solid or enough to motivate me to read the manga immediately (but I am curious though…very, very so). Sis does read it but let me catch up with some on my list then I’ll start this one…soon!

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