Graphic Novels / Perhaps they're not the protagonist but who say they're not love!

I’m such a fan of main character, and that’s reasonable, and of course obvious, because I’m reading the story where the focus is on the protagonist. It’s very inevitable not to fall for the MC and all the circumstances that he’s involved in. But there are times when supposed secondary character is trying to steal someone’s thunder. Rare but not impossible.

Let’s start of with my recent favorite you know Bakugou? Yes, that foul mouthed brat who just likes his quirk has firecracker personality. Yep, that guy. Didn’t you know that he’s pretty popular character despite all of that!! If my memory serves me right (which I let you guys know that I’m pretty forgetful person by nature…) he won two popularity polls consecutively. I don’t think it’s by a large margin but, twice in a row? That’s impressive. I admit, I’m one of those who got charmed by this boy. I love Deku to bits & pieces, I’m gonna support my child until he become a true hero of his own merits, but Bakugou? Yeah, he has all my attention and support!! I can’t really say why but he has a character that really appeals to me. I’m quite charmed by him, reasons aside. There’s just something in him that more than meets the eye, and the thought of Horikoshi-sensei fleshing those aspects makes me really excited. I’m totally invested in this boy. In fact, it was him that convinced me to try the manga after watching episode 7 of season 1! If that’s not enough to make a statement, I don’t know what is!

Perhaps they’re not the protagonist but who to say they’re not love! In this case too much love!

Another fave character who isn’t the MC that’s quite popular among the crowd is Frankenstein from 노블레스. There are times I got bored with what it felt like a never-ending fights but when Franky is involved, you bet your smooth bottom that I’m all eyes on him!  He just so interesting in very sadistic way. I love Rai but all of us in the fandom agree that Franky makes everything in 노블레스 super better.

Then we also have Hibari Kyouya from REBORN!, and like Bakugou won in popularity polls because we all loved this guy even though he might “bite us to death” for crowding! Heh~ I’m miss the gang! Amano-sensei I’m pretty okay with one chapter, new REBORN! content will make go AAAAHHH!!! I want it so bad!

Sometimes characters have become their own person that even dictated the author in some ways, like say in the form of a dream that demanded him to be the main character. Right, Kamio-sensei?

Perhaps they’re not the protagonist but who to say they’re not love! In this case too much love!